Crown of Success Oil
Crown of Success Oil
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Crown of Success Oil

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To cultivate an aura of capability, competence and success. GREAT for job interviews, loan applications, and any time you need to make a lasting good impression.

The Crown of Success is a much-vaunted formula in the conjure tradition.

Unlike a Wealthy Way or Money Drawing oil, this formula isn't about cash - it's used to nurture the perception of success.

I say "perception of success" because CoS work is fundamentally a "glamor" - a spell or working intended to change other people's perception of you.

Some might wonder why you would want to *appear* successful instead of just drawing cash - and it's a great question.

Crown of Success work is used, for example, when seeking a job, auditioning for a part, seeking a good performance review, interviewing for college, applying for a loan, or courting investors. (I raised over $150k for my old business with shockingly little scrutiny or due diligence while using this oil daily)

Whenever we are subject to an important decision made by someone else who will be evaluating us (especially, but not exclusively, in a business environment), Crown of Success is designed to increase that person's confidence in us so they choose accordingly.

It's also incredibly useful for blending in with successful people. Whether you want to hang out at the private jet lounge at the airport (yup, that's a thing), or enter the mentorship of an individual you admire, Crown of Success bridges that perceived gap and establishes rapport and trust with successful people.

I personally used it to somehow blend in at an exclusive entrepreneur's retreat with millionaires at a time while my bank account was negative.

Crown of Success is also used to make you stand out from the competition as a merchant, vendor or service provider.

Clients are often drawn to what they perceive as established and successful providers, and tend to avoid patronizing people or businesses they perceive as failing or unsuccessful because they often assume that quality and success are directly related.

Combining the two, Crown of Success is VERY useful for entertainers, who are simultaneously portraying a stage persona and handling business in a setting where it's critical to stand out.

CoS oil is used to anoint the crown of the head, along with the recitation of Psalms 23, in which the Psalmist writes:
"You prepare a banquet for me before my enemies, you anoint my head with oil - my cup overflows."
For business purposes, it's fantastic for anointing business cards and logos to enhance the prestige and status of your business venture.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Anna (Oakland, US)
Love it

I accidentally bought two of these so I’m going to give one to my mom. I’ve added a few drops to my hair oil and whenever I feel I need an extra boost. Works great.

Gertrude (Philadelphia, US)
Immediate Support

I am noticing an almost immediate (positive) vibrational shift in my home, workplace and my inner-most thoughts.

Crown of Success was a success!

I started using this a week before i was gonna try for a small bank loan. So this Saturday i used 7 of hearts cologne with the crown of success oil. But the weekend hours changed for the lobby, so i thought it was a bust. But by the end of all the running around i had to do, my family member decided to give me the loan instead! On top of the weird boost in confidence. I definitely have a bit more swag in my step. Significant difference in personal interactions as well. Very suprised on how quick it took. Thank you Moses!

Lisa (Bay City, US)
A work in progress yet

I have been putting a drop on my new biz cards and putting them in the bags. I made a sale for some protection soaps for a Facebook friend and her friends are friending me now. I hope to get this biz up and running. I am positively sure this oil is helping. Thank you!

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