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The Dark Arts Collection: Conjure Collection V
Oya Aja Oshun (Travelers Rest, US)
Can't wait to use these!

I received my collection today. Loved the packaging and the QR code to scan for upcoming rituals to use with these oils. I'm an avid user of Moses's products so I already know that these are going to work!

Gift Card
Melissa Tjon Ajong (Amsterdam, NL)
Amazing gift

Amazing gift. It gives you the opportunity to invest in your desired product (with the help of friend and family).

Another one knocked out of the park!

I have always enjoyed The educational offerings provided by Hoodoo Moses and this is no exception! Enough depth to keep even one who is well studied thanking but not presented in a way where the novice will be completely lost. Moses and Khozmiq make a great team

Blessed & Dressed Archangel Michael Medal
C (Tempe, US)
Medal of Honor

I love this medal. Perfectly anointed, and protected. Thank you!

Archangel Michael Stones from the Cave of the Archangel in Gargano
Paul De La Cruz (Encinitas, US)
Would love to buy more for my family

I carry this around with me in my daily travels. I can say I have been blessed with protection and sense a calm tense situations.

Veil-Thinner Incense - A Necromantic Blend
Alexis Phoenix (Scottsdale, US)
Not just for Necromancy

I personally used it to see what I couldn’t see, things that where obstructing my life. I found that someone was pretending to be my friend and was most definitely sending me some dark energy. In taking care of the situation, I saw proof of what was being revealed to me. It does indeed take you into a trance state and helps you focus on your spiritual work as well, love it!

Square Cut Coffin Nail
Shannon Edleman (Fort Madison, US)
Square cut coffin nails

Good size and perfect for many uses. Always great to do business with!

Good to have extras

Great textuee, great design

Loverman's Bay Rum Cologne
Great product

Smells very nice great aftershave.

Lucky 888 $1 Bill
Marisol Lopez (Phoenix, US)
Great for our Altar

Great collection placed it in our Altar to petition stability for her BS and a permanent house form our family

Evil Eye Oil (XL 2 ounce dropper vial)
Marisol Lopez (El Paso, US)
Needed the help

I had been in a depression and found out was due to bad people around my work environment. I saw this oil and read reviews, I have been petitioning for new secure job for myself and my family. I don't like to put the whole pressure on my future hubby, therefore it took this step to help keep my family safe and away from harm while I strive for better job/career.

Square Cut Coffin Nail
Paul De La Cruz (Encinitas, US)

I purchased 2 to wrap into a cross, these pristine mine are 1 1/4 for reference

The Best

I will always recommend anything Moses creates or teaches, because I trust in authenticity and those who live by what they preach in whatever they do. With this blend, a little goes a very long way and has quickly become my go-to - to commune & meditate with my guide, my ancestors, and more recently sending prayers to passed on loved ones. It truly takes you to that liminal space almost instantly and you will feel just how quickly and strong your spirits show up for you. [I need to buy some more!]

Ca$hflow Conjure Ebook Edition
Rowan O (Hayward, US)
Absolute must have

This book goes straight to the point. It's not just some quick spells to call in some money, but it delves deep into the psychology of abundance and the value of money. I learnt so many things that will stick with me for the rest of my life. Thank you Moses for sharing your wisdom ❤️

Ringtop Cowrie Shells
Pamlyn Gayle (Jacksonville, US)

They are absolutely beautiful. Very, very useful for what I need.

Better grab one, or two, or…

Great product from a great company!

Veil-Thinner Incense - A Necromantic Blend
Sickle and Rue (Fort Lauderdale, US)

Amazing aroma to thin the veil. The power infused by Moses when making this is truly a gift held by him.

Viper Head
Sickle and Rue (Fort Lauderdale, US)

Very powerful items always obtained from Holy mountain.


much of the information given here an be applied to a MULTITUDE of different situations. A must have for defensive and offensive opperations

Super soft and perfect in every way!

I’ve gotten used to lower quality print on demand shirts from various other shops so didn’t expect too much, but the Hoodoo Moses shirts are very soft, the print quality is top notch, and the sizing was accurate. I am very happy with this purchase.

Psalms for Conjure Webinar Series
Ta Mi Ka (Southfield, US)
Opened My Mind Up!

I'm so appreciate of this class with Dok and Moses! I've prayed 🙏🏾 the psalms but wasn't always sure I was getting my point across to God. I've learned to say it with Your Chest and mean it! I would cry and be stirred up when I prayed but I wasn't sure why? I understand now it was me crying out to God and My Ancestors. We've also learned how to look for workings in the psalms. I'm understanding more now!

Psalms for Conjure Webinar Series
justin williams (Columbia, US)
psalms review

Excellent. I'm learning about the bible, I'll have a sheet on psalms when this is over, and I got to pray in class for practice. For me, the class is excellent. Oh, and the tricks are good also, but my favorite is learning the application of the psalms.

Come To Me Lover Oil
CLee (New York, US)
Like Bees to Honey

The day this was set to arrive, my partner and I were leaving for a five day trip to the Keys… as we pulled out of the driveway, the mailman arrived with my package… I jumped out of the car grabbed it and off we went!
… That afternoon, we arrived at our destination. Before going to dinner, I showered, and went about dressing with intention- anointing my pulse points, décolletage and sacred body parts with the Come to Me Lover Oil. I even mixed a few drops into a massage oil. …
Immediately, I was passing the vibe check…. my partner was extra adoring; little kisses every few minutes , touching my neck, long gazes. He was enchanted with me and it was obvious.
That night, those few drops added to the massage oil, quite literally caused a five alarm fire. There were fireworks and flames and shooting stars. Entire galaxies imploding, supernova energy reverberating for what felt like, miles.
Since we returned from our trip, every week, on the day and in the hour of Venus, I have burned a candle, dressed with this oil and catnip…
The results of those candles, are perfectly obscene.
This is the fourth or fifth product I’ve ordered from Moses And each item has carried its own energy, that quite literally illustrates why he is heads and shoulders above the rest.

Jam Packed!

Who knew so much info could fit in a book that’s so easy to put in your jacket pocket. Brother Moses comes out the gates swinging. A definite must have!

Psalms for Conjure Webinar Series
Oya Aja Oshun (Travelers Rest, US)

You will not learn this information on google or any book you can purchase! These two are the G.O.A.T and these Psalms webinars are what you need if you want to incorporate working with Psalms in your workings. Highly recommended.