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Juju Soap - Bitter
Gerald Reid (Atlanta, US)

Excellent product! Used to remove negative energy before going to court. Case dismissed

it was so good i told my friends about it

thank you so such a deep knowledgeable class everyone who was on the discussion did a great job teaching us and giving us one of the best classes i seen so far i will be checking out more of your classes many thonks

Spiritual Self Defense Masterclass Webinar
Shannon Edleman (Saint Paul, US)
Spiritual self defense master class

Again Moses delivers the goods. Vital information that one needs to know.

High John spray

This is the 3rd bottle of HJ spray. This stuff is amazing.

Love Formula #2 - Heartwarmer
Gertrude (Philadelphia, US)

I just received my cologne...and...I feel light as a feather!! I feel soft and free. This is amazing!!

Wonderful lessons on spiritual light, when we need light.

I found the lesson here super helpful for my practice since I set out candles a lot for myself and my partner and family. The depth of experience, advice, and hand-on work that Hoodoo Moses put forth is insane into this lesson, I recommend wholeheartedly for everyone who works with candle, oil lamps, or want to push their practice deeper beyond simple candles work.

5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Another great investment, you will not be disappointed. Mosses has done his research and teaches based on experience. It’s my go to when helping people that come into my establishment with spiritual attack issues.

Wealth of Solomon Oil - Summer '22 Blend - 1 oz dropper vial
Yaya (New Canaan, US)
4 stars for Jupiter plus 1 =5 stars

Absolutely amazing, since I received I have experience creative ideas to generate opportunities to increase my buisness that is yielding more money, opening the path to wealth.

Cool shirt, great fit.

Fairly confident that no one else will show up wearing the same shirt. Not only is the design cool, it's comfortable and fits just right.

Juju Soap - Sweet
Veronica (Houston, US)
Good juju soap 🧼

I haven’t tried it yet but I can’t wait Brother Moses always comes thru

Juju Soap - Bitter
Veronica (Houston, US)
Juju soap

I actually haven’t used it yet I’m waiting for the sweet juju to arrive

Good book on money

Good book on how to see money in a different perspective. Very engaging

Santo Niño de Atocha Medals
Jose Lopez (Los Angeles, US)
My mom loved it.

Purchased it as a gift for mother's day. And one for myself.

Blessed & Dressed Archangel Michael Medal
Mars (Brooklyn, US)

Blessed & Dressed Archangel Michael Medal

Crown of Success Oil - 1 oz
Anna (Oakland, US)
Love it

I accidentally bought two of these so I’m going to give one to my mom. I’ve added a few drops to my hair oil and whenever I feel I need an extra boost. Works great.

Fixed Silver Mercury Dime
Anna (Oakland, US)

I had a mercury done of my own but it wasn’t fixed. I finally got one of these and I’m excited to put it to work.

Smells Amazing!

I love the way this smells! I also love how I feel after spraying and wearing it. I use it when I need a quick cleanse and feel immediately in control and in the right spiritual and head space. I will be buying again.

Saint Benedict Vade Retro Prayer Card
Customer (El Monte, US)

I installed it at the top of my entrance with the st benedict amulet to keep negativity (people or things) away. I don't know what I witnessed with my own eyes but I believe someone who had unreciprocated romantic interest in me was going through a whole exorcism while around me in my home. I mean I had the inkling that the man was thirsty but he was ACTUALLY thirsty and dehydrated. I felt like he was going to collapse. lmao needless to say he has stayed away thank god. Not to mention people seem to forget what door is mine. I'm guessing the people who shouldn't be nowhere near it lmao St benedict has kept the home pretty peaceful I highly reccommend both the amulet and card! Thanks moses! Great Work!

Santo Niño de Atocha Medals
Herika Echevarria (Hollywood, US)

It was even more beautiful in person, the energy loving and healing. As soon as I held it and prayed my eyes weld up with tears.

Santo Niño de Atocha Medals
ED (Woodland Hills, US)
Great little piece

Thank you for everything it’s perfect. Been looking for Santo Niño de Atocha pendant and got my opportunity and couldn’t pass it up. Thank you for the blessings.

Calendar of Magic-Aries

Love my t shirt, very detailed.

Blessed & Dressed Archangel Michael Medal
Brit (New Orleans, US)

Beautiful piece.

9 Pack of Fixed Coyote Teeth
Cindy Lopez (Brooklyn, US)
Very Powerful

The Coyote’s teeth are a blessing. Since I started carrying them in my pocket I’ve been protected, unseen from what I needed to be unseen from . Always a step ahead from my enemies. Highly recommend it .

Fixed Holy Names $2 Bill
Customer (El Monte, US)
dont sleep on it

I bought two one for me and one for my mom around December/January of this year and unfortunate circumstances knocked down our stability. We were able to manifest random money as well as keep our wallet full all throughout. Dont sleep on these! they are wonderful

Fixed Coyote Teeth
Dorothy JC (Miami, US)
Real deal

HOODOO MOSES DOESN'T PLAY when it comes to authentic products. Thank you

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