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Really works

I’ve used this product with instant results. Also use it to master thy self! Thank you Hoodoo Moses, I love your products !! Every one of them!

Calamus Alchemical Distillate (2 oz spray)
Gertrude (Philadelphia, US)
Calamus & Rosemary Distillates

They both together have shifted a nefarious situation in my favor.
Bro Moses works are sound, hands down!

Favorite Teacher

I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from Moses. He is incredibly knowledgeable, and shares his knowledge in a very effective and dynamic way. This class is the jackpot for beginning learners. Thank you!

Great Product

If you feel like you're not being heard, High John Root helps on domination and wit dealing with people who take advantage on your kindness. Don't let people at smart you! Thanks Moses!

Thank you!

I haven’t had an opportunity to intensify my workings with the use of this oil, but I can say simply wearing on my skin or placing a dab in my shoes has revealed a positive outcome every time! Thank you for your work Brother Moses

Archangel Michael medal

Brother Moses never disappoints, another wonderful item, thank you

Many ways to use.

Thank you again.
I have a set of iron keys that this will work well with among other useful tools...

Archangel Michael Prismatic Seal Sticker
Kimberly W (San Diego, US)
Powerful and much needed communication.

Thank you for your blessed work.

This is my first time getting a root. I am very glad that I went through Moses for this. Looking forward to start working with it.

Blessed + Dressed Saint Benedict Medals
Austin Cruz (Puyallup, US)
A must for anyone !

I purchased multiple for myself and others. When you open your mailbox you can already feel the power coming from the Saint Benedict medals. These Blessed medals are a must. Thank you Brother Moses !

Lightly Scented & Powerful

This Hyssop spray, has such a clean and light scent, that it's almost hard to believe how powerful it is. I've sprayed it on my bed sheets and corners of each room of my home and noticed an immediate clearing of stagnant energy.
I've used it on my altar space each morning before meditating, which allowed for a much deeper connection.
I'm sure that the longer I have it, the more uses I'll find for it...
But it's already become a part of my daily routine

This works!!

My phone has been ringing off the hook. So grateful to have found this.

9 Pack of Fixed Coyote Teeth
Shannon Edleman (Fort Madison, US)
9 pack coyote teeth

Have bee lookin at getting these for awhile. Went ahead and did. Very glad I did.

This is a BANGER!

I only work with his roots in my oils and they ALWAYS sell out as soon as I restock. ALWAYS. I know he gets tired of me ordering every week lol but the customer service is A1 as well as the products. Thank you!

Lucky Hand Root (Many sizes available!)
Nikki (Tucker, US)
Right on time EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Everything I’ve gotten, and I’ve gotten a LOT, has been of superior quality with fast shipping and amazing results. I’m very pleased!

Road Opener Powder - 14g pouch
Anonymous (Denver, US)
My Favorite so far!

When I received my order and opened up my package I was able to feel how strong it was and the smell was so good! I put some in my shoes and within a few days I started to see a difference in many things mostly my job. Love Moses products!

Crown of Success Oil - 1 oz
Gertrude (Philadelphia, US)
Immediate Support

I am noticing an almost immediate (positive) vibrational shift in my home, workplace and my inner-most thoughts.

A must have root for the ladies!

For years I have passed on purchasing orris root since I couldnt find a reliable source. I am so glad I took the leap. This root is sized well and smells amazing once rubbed between your hands. So far I have had it for 3 days, I followed Moses' instructions for blessing it and activation. I wear it on me and so far my daily business affairs are smoother as a woman dealing with the unforgiven public. I am purchasing more!!!


Moses never disappoints, thank you brother

Road opener powder

I love this powder you can literally smell it through the packaging and it smells AMAZING I’m going to use it on a foot wash as well as to make a perfume to wear on my body but I can feel the power everytime I get a product from hoodoo Moses so I already know this is going to open up new beautiful opportunities for me when I do my rituals 🦾🥰

Fixed Holy Names $2 Bill
Cindy Lopez (Brooklyn, US)
Money , Money , Money 💰

Since I received this Blessed $2 Bill , I always have Money coming to me from all different type of direction.

Crown of Success was a success!

I started using this a week before i was gonna try for a small bank loan. So this Saturday i used 7 of hearts cologne with the crown of success oil. But the weekend hours changed for the lobby, so i thought it was a bust. But by the end of all the running around i had to do, my family member decided to give me the loan instead! On top of the weird boost in confidence. I definitely have a bit more swag in my step. Significant difference in personal interactions as well. Very suprised on how quick it took. Thank you Moses!


So blessed for High John the Conqueror Root Alchemical Distillate . I use it on rituals , mojo bags and spells.High John the Conqueror Root Alchemical Distillate Is So Powerful.

Hyssop Alchemical Distillate (2 oz spray)
Cindy Lopez (Brooklyn, US)

Purification at its Best . You feel so light, renewed and rejuvenated. Makes me feel Peace .


I use it every day . On my altar , all around the house , and specially on my kids . The scent is relaxing and refreshing.