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9 Pack of Fixed Coyote Teeth
Cindy Lopez (Brooklyn, US)
Very Powerful

The Coyote’s teeth are a blessing. Since I started carrying them in my pocket I’ve been protected, unseen from what I needed to be unseen from . Always a step ahead from my enemies. Highly recommend it .

Fixed Holy Names $2 Bill
Orly Pena (El Monte, US)
dont sleep on it

I bought two one for me and one for my mom around December/January of this year and unfortunate circumstances knocked down our stability. We were able to manifest random money as well as keep our wallet full all throughout. Dont sleep on these! they are wonderful

Fixed Coyote Teeth
Dorothy JC (Miami, US)
Real deal

HOODOO MOSES DOESN'T PLAY when it comes to authentic products. Thank you

Archangel Raphael Medals
Gertrude (Philadelphia, US)

I wear this each and everytime I go out my home and in the job (healthcare admin). I also purchased one for a dear friend that is clinical. Much appreciated 👍🏾

Thank you!

I thoroughly enjoyed learning about this subject. I am saving up to purchase the second portion of this seminar.

Return of the Queen Oil - 1 oz dropper bottle
Kristen Velasco (La Habra, US)
Return of the Queen

A few Friday’s ago, after receiving this package, I anointed my crown chakra with Brother Moses’s Return of the Queen oil before heading to court. as I stood and spoke on behalf of my babies, I spoke confidently on the opposing side of defendants motion. I spoke so much confidence that even speaking in front of my ex, my words didn’t quiver, shake, or break. Each word came out firm and with fact. Wearing it again this upcoming hearing for that extra confidence boost again ❤️‍🔥

Crow Foot
Dorothy JC (Miami, US)
Real deal

It's real not false advertising here. Nice big and well preserved.

Orange pomander spray

I love this bright uplifting scent that has helped me cultivate space for my sweetening bath.

Road Opener Prayer Card Amulet
Veronica (Pasadena, US)
Road opener card

I liked it. I gave one to my daughter for her birthday

Road Opener Prayer Card Amulet
Rowan O (Santa Rosa, US)
A battery on the go

This talisman is a game changer. I like to read the prayer on the back before starting my day. I love carrying it in my wallet. It's sturdy too!


I love using this spray after a day if being out and about. It quickly resets my mood! Love it.

Sweet scent!

This spray is everything! It's not too delicate, but it's a little sweet! I use it to bless my child's head frequently before he goes to school. It's a dream.

Fixed Holy Names $2 Bill
KomiYah (Williamsburg, US)

I am so glad I bought these. I bought two of them and I keep them in my wallet. When I get my alter space together and will leave one there to sit with my ancestors.

An eye opening course

I appreciated how the information was presented and the resources that were shared to take an even deeper look at the topic of the use of cannabis in a ceremonial setting.

Must have

This course packs a punch! I learnt so much and it was very long, so there were a lot of topics covered. I would definitely recommend taking any of the courses, but this one was my favorite!


Had my eye on this for quite some time and couldn’t be more pleased. Powerful energy comes through. Highly recommend.

Oh. Absolutely!

I bought this for my partner. He is growing a relationship with Micheal & then I came across this wonderful site! I strongly feel that this book will help him develop an even strong one! This is an amazing find! Thank you!

He can't wait to receive Michael's sacred cave stone soon! 🥰

Great book

This book is great

Ca$hflow Conjure Ebook Edition
Isaiah Rameriz (El Monte, US)
Great knowledge on money

Brother Moses is a very wise individual and has created a great book make us look at money in a whole different discovering knowledge on money I wouldn't have learn

Awesome class

This class along with the book the codex has a lot of information great for people getting started with Michael has prayers and instructions on how which makes it easy on us trying to learn

Fixed Holy Names $2 Bill
Emily Lock (Fort Worth, US)
Wonderful tool!

Since I have added this into my wallet (after introducing it to my ancestors) things have changed for me in a lovely way.

Shannon Edleman (Fort Madison, US)

As always a great product.

Fixed Holy Names $2 Bill
Nathan (Los Angeles, US)
I keep it with me everywhere I go

I keep one on me at all time, I have one set on my money altar, and I have various placed throughout my household to embie the entire place with a prosperous money drawing essence. These truly work wonders and help bring the flow of money back your way. Not to mention all the interesting happenings when I find money at random or when I receive money from new places. Excellent product.

Return of the Queen

I've followed Brother Moses for some time now... (ballpark since around Etsy) and from my personal experiences while using his oils and amulets; his products truly unlock so many doors.
Return Of The Queen has become a part of my daily ritual practices. Coming out of postpartum/pandemic I found myself in unfamiliar territory. I lost myself on so many levels. By anointing myself, my amulets and altar with Return Of The Queen; I'm back! Confidence is up, weight is down. I took my power back. If ever you thought about getting this product for yourself or someone you care about; DO IT!

Jezebel Root Whole Root (Many sizes available)
Bee (Atlanta, US)
Nice sized herbs

Nice and fresh herbs