Joan of Arc Devotional Pack | Incense + Candle
Joan of Arc Devotional Pack | Incense + Candle

Joan of Arc Devotional Pack | Incense + Candle

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This release is available in two tiers.

The Devotional Set includes a fixed and blessed Joan of Arc medal set into the handmade dressed candle, and a pouch of handmade botanical incense

The Novena Set includes a handmade dressed novena candle and a pouch of handmade botanical incense.

Saint Joan of Arc - La Pucelle

Joan of Arc never backed down from anyone - not priests, not kings, not armies, not even her captors and inquisitors. She knew her quest and let nothing come in her way. She won the hearts and admirations of countless devoted followers in life and after death.

This miraculous maiden perpetually championed the downtrodden and the needy. She exploded the norms of her day around gender, age, class, status, and spirituality.

Her conviction and her influence and soul were powerful that they burned her as a witch - and even after death she was so powerful and miraculous they had to canonize her as a saint.

About this Project

I've never seen a spiritual candle for Saint Joan and really wanted to do it right.

It's said that the dead recognize what was special to them in life, so we went hard on the historical research on this one.

The signature at the top is Joan of Arc's actual signature from archive documents - the crest on Archangel Michael's shield is the one Joan designed and used - the banner is to her precise specification - even the armor and sword are based on the pieces currently considered by historians of arms to be most likely to have been Joan of Arc's.

The Incense

This small-batch incense is formulated to incorporate both symbolic and aromatic calls to Saint Joan. Made from 100% botanicals, with no fillers or synthetic fragrances, the incense was meticulously researched. It blends French country church incense from Joan of Arc's era with aromatic symbols of the maiden herself.

Combining franincense with cedar, cardamom, cinammon, clove, rosemary and French lavendar, Joan's particular essence is evoked with white rose pedals, orris root, and the white lillies of Joan's own coat of arms.

The Candles

The candles are a giant 9-day size, each weighing over 2 lbs. They are poured in a small batch of ecologically friendly soy-coconut wax. This blend was chosen because soy is associated with the maidenal energy, and coconut with both purity and protection - making this blend a perfect offering for Saint Joan.

Each candle features the distinctive imagery designed for this project with a prayer I composed for her. All candles are dressed with Joan of Arc incense

About the Devotional Sets

The Devotional candles are identical to the Novena candles, BUT each one includes a blessed and dressed Joan of Arc medal for you to wear and keep with you once you complete your Novena.

How Perform the Novena

  1. Set aside a clean space to be an altar.
  2. Write your request for Saint Joan out as a petition, and place that paper on the altar.
  3. Place a small bowl of water on top of your petition. Place your candle in the bowl of water.
  4. Strike a match and light your candle.
  5. Using the same match, light your charcoal and place it in a heatproof container on the altar. (If you need to use a new match, light it from the candle).
  6. Once the coal is greyed over, sprinkle the incense on the charcoal
  7. Recite the prayer to Saint Joan.

Repeat it every day for a total of 9 days.

Customer Reviews

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Wendy (Tampa, US)

These candles were exceptionally made. I ended up getting 4 i couldnt resist. I love Joan of arc and in 21 devotions she is also known for being firece. Love the medal and incense that came in the devotional pack.

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