Evil Eye Oil (4 dram dropper vial)
Evil Eye Oil (4 dram dropper vial)
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Evil Eye Oil (4 dram dropper vial)

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The Evil Eye is the oldest curse in the world, with its roots lost in Prehistory and it's range of belief encircling the globe.

Methods for detecting, preventing and curing it are found throughout the Mediterranean, Far East, Near East, Middle East, Eastern and Western Europe, Russia, North and East Africa, Latin America, and more.

The curse is most often delivered unintentionally by a jealous or envious person. The jealous glance is believed to cause a spiritual suction that sucks dry the object of the jealousy.

That said, those who "carry the evil eye" (have the natural aptitude to deliver the curse) may become aware of their abilities and actively and intentionally cast the eye.

Known for causing loss of health (especially related to bodily fluids or moisture), wealth, luck, crops, cattle, and even mechanical and electrical appliances that involve suction (like automobile pumps).

Unlike more targeted curses, the effects of the evil eye are known to cascade from one "chamber" of one's life to the next: an evil eye cast on one's money will inevitably effect one's health if left untreated.

Methods of prevention and counteracting the curse typically involve prayers incorporated with the bursting or rupturing of an eye-shaped item (egg, olive, grape, etc), or treatment with plants known to remove the affliction.

Common protections (red strings, small charms, etc) are thought to deter the inadvertantly given curse but are insufficient for those who are intentionally casting their gaze. Additionally, Rabbinic and Qur'anic scholars state that demons and other malicious non-human entities can cast the evil eye, and are not prevented by the common protections.

The curse is mentioned in the Old Testament, the Qur'an, and countless folk lore accounts from around the globe. Odds are very good that your ancestors knew and feared its power.

This extremely potent oil incorporates the most effective remedies from around the world to completely eliminates any traces of the Evil Eye and prevents the wearer from being targeted by the curse. More than a pound of dried exotic herbs - including Epazote, Herba Mal de Ojo, Agrimony and a half dozen time tested remedies - is used to infuse each gallon of blueberry seed oil base to produce this completely unique spiritual remedy.

The oil can be used to dress a person, evil eye charms, cowrie shells, eggs used in cleansings, mirrors, or anything or anyone that might be the object of jealousy. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Starrie Chanel
Swear by this oil

I anoint myself with this oil everyday and conduct candle burnings. And I have to say this oil has blocked & neutralized so many attacks . This is a staple in my conjure works .

New and different

I put this on my evil eye bracket daily and on my anklet before I leave the house. It has shielded me from a lot of hate. Where I live people don’t like me cause I tell it like it is and they can’t stand that.

Katherine Henriquez
Evil eye be gone!

Not a single look or deviant thought is sent towards me when I wear this. From the moment I saw it in the picture I felt the magic, and it does not disappoint. It does exactly what it says it would do. I feel protected, beautiful, and able to shine without hating glares or gossip. This is very good for those who are in the spotlight often.

Amazing stuff

Omg this oil is great! Smell good the texture is good also. You can tell the time and dedication Moses room on making this oil! Definitely recommend it

So good! 🧿

I've been looking for a good specifically evil eye oil for a while! This blend, smell and ingredients (even the Quranic verse on the bottle!) is absolutely wonderful and has proven to be quite effective every time I've used it both on myself and the anointing of nazars and protective amulets that need recharging and a boost. Glad to have finally found a new go-to.