Juju Soap - Bitter
Juju Soap - Bitter
Juju Soap - Bitter
Juju Soap - Bitter

Juju Soap - Bitter

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Juju Soap is a concentrated spiritual cleanser, ritually prepared from botanical allies used in traditional spiritual baths and ritual cleansings.

Formulated from 13 botanicals traditionally used in bitter baths, and associated with driving away badluck, misfortune, negative energy, spiritual attachments, and maleficent magic, this soap is an olive oil-based Castile soap. It is concentrated, 100% plant-derived, and free of any chemical additives, dyes or fragrances.

Due to the purely natural formula, this soap has little to no bubbling action. Castile soap may naturally separate or become cloudy as temperatures shift. Please be sure to shake well to blend ingredients before use.

Use to remove/treat:

  • Bad Luck
  • Evil Eye
  • Negative Energy
  • Spiritual Attachments
  • Curses
  • Jinxes
  • Hexes
  • Witchcraft
  • Malevolent Spirits
Cleanse Yourself, Your Home + Your Business with 13 Powerful Botanicals
  • Angelica - Breaks curses, repels evil, and provides general spiritual protection
  • Epazote - Breaks hexes,  neutralizes negative energies and attachments
  • Boldo - Removes witchcraft, wards off negative energy, spiritually cleanses
  • Rue - Counteracts witchcraft, removes Evil Eye and bad luck
  • Agrimony - Breaks jinxes, uncrosses, removes curses
  • Hyssop -  Removes heavy energies, spiritually cleanses  + purifies
  • Hierba Mal de Ojo - Removes severe Evil Eye
  • Rompe Saraguey - Breaks hexes + curses, uncrosses, removes + repels evil spirits
  • Anamu - Neutralizes  witchcraft, very powerful spiritual cleanser
  • Devil's Shoestring - Binds evil, protects from evil and demonic spirits
  • Rosemary - Spiritually cleanses, purifies + protects
  • Quita Maldicion - Removes curses and negative energy, spiritually purifies
  • Olive Oil - Grants peace + blessings 


 How to Use

Body + Head Wash (3-7 uses per bottle)
Add to wet hands or wash cloth. Lather well from top down. Rinse from top down. Repeat if desired. For best results: Catch rinse water. Air dry + dress in white. Dispose of water at running water or a crossroads.

Bath (1 use per bottle)
Add 2-4 oz per tub of body temperature water. Soak 20-30 minutes (until cold). For best results: Submerge 3 times. Pull plug, but catch bathwater. Air dry + dress in white. Dispose of water at running water or a crossroads.

Laundry (1 use per bottle)
Add 2-4 oz per large load of clothes, bedding, outerwear, headwear, etc. Hang dry.

Floorwash (1 use per bottle)
Add 2 oz to 1.5 gallons of water, mop home or business from back to front. For best results: Carry mop bucket to middle of the road and toss mop water towards the nearest crossroads.

Front Door + Porch Wash (1 use per bottle)
Add 2 oz to 1 liter of water. Wash the front door with a sponge from top to bottom and scrub the front porch. For best results: Carry the bucket of water to the middle of the road and toss towards the nearest crossroads.

Note: This soap contains very potent bitter herbs and may only be appropriate to be used from the neck down on initiates of certain houses or lineages. When in doubt, consult your spiritual godparent or teacher. 

Tips for Use

  • Shake well and pray before using. Not sure what to pray? Try Psalm 51, Psalm 7, Psalm 18, and/or Psalm 86.
  • Wash as directed above.
  • Use consecutively for up to 9 days, or as directed by your spiritual guide(s).
  • Follow with a regimen of sweetening soaps or baths to attract good luck + energies. Bitter cleansings remove the negative, but to draw in the positive they should be followed with sweetening.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gerald Reid (Atlanta, US)

Excellent product! Used to remove negative energy before going to court. Case dismissed

Veronica (Houston, US)
Juju soap

I actually haven’t used it yet I’m waiting for the sweet juju to arrive

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