Psalms for Conjure Webinar Series
Psalms for Conjure Webinar Series
Psalms for Conjure Webinar Series
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Psalms for Conjure Webinar Series

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In this four-part 10+ hour webinar series, we explore:
  • The lore, history, and context of the Psalms in the history of religion and magic.
  • How to use and apply Psalms in general, and the specific usage of each Psalm in the Book of Psalms.
  • How to pray the psalms effectively and composing a personal psalmic practice.
  • Some our most effective psalms and critical key verses.
  • The Holy Names associated with each Psalm and how to invoke these.
  • Petitioning with the psalms.
  • Workings and materia to apply the psalms in your conjure work.

Part One - The Lore of the Psalms
Our goal for part one is to make the Book of Psalms come alive as more than words on a page. In this critical first class, we set the stage for working with the Psalms as part of a living tradition. We examine the history of these powerful prayers, and connect them with their roots in scripture. We examine the long and storied use of the Psalms especially for magic, beginning at their inception, to their compilation as magical remedies in the Near East more than 1,000 years ago, to their employment Jewish kabbalists, to their place in European folk and grimoire magic, to the powerful use of the psalms in Conjure and folk Catholicism. We explain how to pray the psalms effectively and how to approach working with a psalm or collection of psalms.

Part Two - Psalms 1-50

Part Three - Psalms 51-100

Part Four - Psalms 100-150

    With so many Psalms, our goal is to list for you the critical bits of knowledge on each of the Psalms, as well as to highlight in depth 5-10 of our favorite psalms in each class.  For each Psalm, will provide the Psalm number, the traditional use(s), the key word(s), and the associated spirit(s) and Holy Name(s) where applicable. For our favorite Psalms, we will provide materia, workings, and ritual uses from our own repertoires.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Isaiah Rameriz (Santa Ana, US)
    Psalms for conjuring

    Good webinar would definitely recommend this to beginner has alot of info and knowledge that you can gain their wisdom

    Michelle (Woodbridge, CA)

    Cannot say enough good things. These guys don’t hold back in these classes and this one took something I’ve always felt clunky and awkward with and made it resonate with me. Completely changed how I relate and view the psalms. 🤯

    Ta Mi Ka (Southfield, US)
    Opened My Mind Up!

    I'm so appreciate of this class with Dok and Moses! I've prayed 🙏🏾 the psalms but wasn't always sure I was getting my point across to God. I've learned to say it with Your Chest and mean it! I would cry and be stirred up when I prayed but I wasn't sure why? I understand now it was me crying out to God and My Ancestors. We've also learned how to look for workings in the psalms. I'm understanding more now!

    justin williams (Columbia, US)
    psalms review

    Excellent. I'm learning about the bible, I'll have a sheet on psalms when this is over, and I got to pray in class for practice. For me, the class is excellent. Oh, and the tricks are good also, but my favorite is learning the application of the psalms.

    Oya Aja Oshun (Travelers Rest, US)

    You will not learn this information on google or any book you can purchase! These two are the G.O.A.T and these Psalms webinars are what you need if you want to incorporate working with Psalms in your workings. Highly recommended.

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