Magical Lamps Webinar from 10/5/21 (full recording)

Magical Lamps Webinar from 10/5/21 (full recording)

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An all new zoom webinar on An Introduction to Oil Lamp Magic, where we will examine these ways and traditions and learn how to work with lamps and candles for effective results.  ... just in time for everyone's favorite lamp season 🎃🕯️

 Total webinar time is 3.75 hours!

 Before there were wax candles - before even tallow candles - lamps were relied on in virtually every part of the world and treasured as practical objects, symbols, and spiritual technologies.

We'll cover a few different techniques for preparing lamps from household objects, and how to spiritually prepare each element. We'll demonstrate a few variations for you to compare, and cover essential recipes, techniques and more. We'll discuss using lamps in your conjure work as power sources for rituals, and actively designed environments for spirits. We'll look at how to create, maintain and dispose of lamps and talk about lamps for different situations and conditions.

We see our reality in ancient lamps:

🪔We have a self - a container.
🛢️We have our fuel - our inspiration - the most beautiful and perfumed element - the food of the process.
🧵We have our wick - our action - the ever-shortening fuse through which we translate our fuel of inspiration into the flame of activity.
🔥With these we can hold the flame of activity, cast light, create shadows, and power change in the world.

Each part of the lamp has lessons for us.

✨A wick that isn't soaked in fuel will burn right up.
✨An impure fuel will foul the wick
✨A wick that isn't trimmed and maintained will give off dark smoke, then fail

It's no wonder that lamps have been employed spiritually and magically since prehistoric times.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Omran (Dubai, AE)
Wonderful lessons on spiritual light, when we need light.

I found the lesson here super helpful for my practice since I set out candles a lot for myself and my partner and family. The depth of experience, advice, and hand-on work that Hoodoo Moses put forth is insane into this lesson, I recommend wholeheartedly for everyone who works with candle, oil lamps, or want to push their practice deeper beyond simple candles work.

Jed Brown (Hamilton, US)
Lamp class

Great foundation in making lamps and maintaining them in this very approachable and engaging wuy Moses teaches

Sister Coyote (St Louis, US)
A must

So for those of you who have not seen the magical lamps webinar Moses did, you are missing out. Frankly, I had no interest in lamps and just got it because it was recommended by a friend and I use the audios for stuff like this while I am doing a part of my job that requires noise cancelling headphones or while I'm driving. Might as well be learning something, right?
Anyway, the info in this was great. I've dinked around with lamps a few times and passed it by due to technical issues. Moses addresses these and a whole lot more. He also gives some great suggestions to the application of lamps that I have never considered. This webinar will be of benefit to my personal practice and likely anyone else out there who watches it

C (Los Angeles, US)

This class was so informative. Brother Moses is always so gracious with sharing his knowledge and answering questions.

How do i access this webinar after purchase? (Winter Garden, US)

How do i access this webinar after purchase?

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