Discover Botanical Waters

The Spiritual Significance of Botanical Waters

Botanical waters, or hydrosols, embody the essence of the plants from which they are derived, capturing both their aromatic and therapeutic qualities. By preserving the whole plant essence through our unique blending process, we ensure that each bottle serves as a potent tool for spiritual practices.

Ethical and Organic Sourcing

We commit to ethical sourcing, using organic materials wherever possible. We focus on ensuring that our botanical waters uphold environmental and ethical standards in service of their spiritual functions. This commitment extends to all our products, and we strongly support the natural systems, people, and cultures we engage in preparing these formulas.

Our Ancient Method of Plant Extraction

Our botanical waters are meticulously crafted using the ancient technique of steam distillation, performed in a traditional old-world hand-hammered copper still. This age-old method begins with placing fresh plant materials inside the copper still, valued for its excellent heat conductivity and its role in enhancing the purity of the distillate. As the plants are gently heated, steam is generated, liberating the essential oils from within the plant fibers. This vapor, enriched with the plant’s aromatic essence, ascends and then cools, condensing back into a liquid form. The resulting botanical water, rich in the therapeutic properties of the original plant, captures the essence and healing powers of the botanicals. Utilizing a copper still ties our production to the historic practices of herbal distillation, ensuring each batch faithfully preserves the authentic spirit and beneficial qualities of the plants.

Harnessing Whole Plant Essence

Unlike traditional methods where essential oils are separated from the plant waters, our process involves blending the oils back into the water before bottling. This means each bottle contains a full spectrum of the plant’s properties, offering a more potent and complete expression of the spirit of the plant.

Connection with Nature

Our botanical waters offer a direct link to the natural world, capturing the complete essence of plants in a simple, accessible form. They allow for the everyday integration of natural benefits, supporting skin health, enhancing well-being, and helping to regulate mood with the therapeutic properties of plants.

As we seek more natural and comprehensive ways to care for our bodies, souls, and spirits, our botanical waters provide an effective and enjoyable solution.


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