Honoring Black Herman: A Legacy of Mysticism and Magic

Black Herman was not just a stage magician but a profound conjurer whose influence transcends time. Known for his magical prowess during the Harlem Renaissance, Black Herman blurred the lines between public illusion and private spiritual practices. Today, we continue to celebrate and connect with his legacy through unique spiritual products crafted in his honor.

Black Herman's Historical Impact

Black Herman, a legendary figure in both black and white communities during segregation, mastered the art of illusion on stage and the art of conjure in private. His life was a blend of public performances and deeply personal spiritual sessions, where he navigated the realms of magic and mystery with ease. His book, "Black Herman's Secrets of Magic, Mystery, and Legerdemain," reveals his dual expertise in stage magic and hoodoo — a testament to his broad knowledge and skill.

Spiritual Products Inspired by Black Herman

In homage to this incredible mystic, we've created the Black Herman Fixed Candle and Card, incorporating elements believed to carry his power and essence:

  • Black Herman Fixed Candle: Crafted with a proprietary blend of black cat bone, black rooster bone, master root, magnetic sand, and lightning-struck wood, along with sacred dirt from Black Herman’s actual grave. This candle is designed for protection, luck, prosperity, and spiritual powers, serving as a direct conduit to Black Herman's soul.
  • Black Herman Dressed Prayer Card: Featuring an image that bridges his two worlds, this card is dressed with powders made from the sacred dirt of his grave, ensuring each carries the essence of his spirit.

Preserving the Legacy: The Cemetery Memorial Monument

A significant portion of the proceeds from Black Herman products is dedicated to purchasing a cemetery memorial monument for him. This initiative ensures that his final resting place in the Bronx is marked and preserved, honoring his desire for recognition that is earned, not given. This effort not only pays respect to Black Herman but also empowers those who seek him out, requiring them to undertake a journey of discovery.

Testimonials and Impact

Customers who have used the Black Herman Fixed Candle report profound experiences and shifts in their spiritual practices. Here’s a detailed testimonial from Anna-Marissa, illustrating the candle's impact:

I bought the candle because I was really intrigued by not only Black Herman but the journey of the candle itself. My experience with the candle: it is truly one of the best candles I've ever used. Despite the complexity of the ingredients, it burned so evenly and cleanly that the glass was near clean after it was done. The flame was steady the whole way down. I started to notice its effects about halfway through. It's been a few days since completion, and I have seen a big shift toward the intentions set with it... This candle burned in about 6ish days... I plan on buying the prayer card with my next order and would be highly interested in future products involving Black Herman or subjects related to him.
My first impressions were of its intensity...in just the act of holding it alone, I was like WHOA I am dealing with something very unique...if this makes sense, I recently did an offering to Marie Laveau from a gifted kit and it gave me the same vibes. Like knowing you're in the presence of greatness and recognizing the necessity of reverence but it's totally chill and not weird.
Sometimes I feel like with some entities, you have to grovel a bit but I got the vibe with Black Herman that he wanted me to come to him with empowerment, confidence, and a desire for growth in those matters. It was very very very different from my experience working with saints or deities. I plan on ordering his book since none of my local libraries carry it and incorporating work with him into my future practice. It was really that impactful in a way that I don't feel like I can adequately express.

Special Offer and Invitation

In celebration of Black Herman's enduring impact, we are offering a 25% discount on all related products until May 1. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with a powerful spiritual legacy and enhance your own practices.


Here is a link to download Black Herman's book for free, allowing you to explore his teachings and integrate them into your life.


Black Herman’s life and work offer a unique insight into the intertwined worlds of stage magic and spiritual conjure. By engaging with the products inspired by him, we not only honor his legacy but also invite his guiding spirit into our lives. Join us in this celebration of a truly remarkable figure in the history of magic and mysticism.

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