Fixed Coyote Teeth

Fixed Coyote Teeth

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Coyote teeth are traditionally used to keep one protected and hidden from traps, enemies and authorities while working or traveling, and to give one a trickster's eloquence.

Traditionally, 9 are worn on a necklace.

Coyote is known as a trickster, a shapeshifter, an illusionist and a creator. He is a shaman and magician, as well as a bit of a rogue. He can sing things into being and cause fantastic turns of events.

In many stories, he is credited with stealing fire from the gods for mankind - setting his tail on fire and receiving his distinctive markings in the process.

Coyote can navigate through desolation and find water - he can travel at dusk unseen. He can hunt or move alone or in packs. He can outsmart his pursuers and appear behind them. He can chew off his foot to escape a trap.

Traditionally, these are used by scouts, smugglers, and those who must go unseen, unbothered or undetected, and benefit from Coyote's particular abilities.

 These teeth have been blessed with smoke and Coyote's oil.

Customer Reviews

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Great for protection

I got my order faster than was told it will arrived! You can feel the energy in these teeth, I feel so Protected when I have them I had to other more for my sis!

Just in time!

I ordered 4. Intended for me. But a few days before I received them my parents were caught up in the cross fire of a drive by shooting in there neighborhood. Thankfully nothing happened to them. I then realized my dad needs to carry one. My brother my husband and I. All are carrying our coyote teeth. Feeling like somehow coyote will warn us of danger re route us . So far I feel more At peace with knowing my family carries the coyote energy.

Charlene Crump
Love them

Thank you for your time

Germahl Pierre
Great products & services

Never disappointed. Always glad to receive my items and learn from a wise practitioner of the spiritual arts..

Trust in...

the coyote medicine. Thank you Moses. Seriously, just thank you.