Conjure Box VI: Way of the Shadows Collection

In This Box:
Name Intention/Use Ritual
Domination Secure advantage over adversaries and situations. Click Here
Infiltration For slipping by, blending in, and passing unnoticed Click Here
Obfuscation For anonymity and deception in your works Click Here
Disruption To disrupt a target, cause interruptions, complications and distractions Click Here


Suggested Rituals

These are merely suggestions - please feel free to adapt to your tradition, tools, etc.


Domination Ritual

  • Timing: Saturday at Sundown
  • Candles:1 Purple
  • Additional Materia:
      1. A cigar
      2. The fingernail clippings from your right hand
      3. The toenail clippings from your left foot
      4. A felt-tipped pen
      5. A fireproof plate or dish
      6. Purple string or jute
      7. A photograph of your target, prepared as a name-paper
      8. A photo of you
  • Procedure:
      • Place the fireproof plate or dish on your altar.
      • Prepare the name-paper photo of the target, and place it in the dish.
      • Anoint the cigar with Domination formula and allow to evaporate in a well-ventilated place.
        • It's ok if there's still some moisture in the cigar (there should be), but be sure there is no residual alcohol.
        • You may choose to pass the cigar through a flame once you think it's dry, to drive off any alcohol just to be sure
      • Use the felt tipped pen to write down the length of the cigar I DOMINATE [TARGET'S NAME] thirteen times around the cigar
      • Anoint the purple candle in Domination formula and allow to evaporate in a well-ventilated place.
      • Place the candle above the target's image.
      • Ignite the candle.
      • Cut the end of the cigar, hold it in your hand and recite:
        • "In the name of God I invoke you: spirits of domination; spirit of High John the Conqueror; spirit of the crossroads; spirit of the 4 winds, paths and places; spirit of enchantment; spirits of Saint Martha and Saint Helena of Jerusalem; all beneficial spirits; I conjure you to help me dominate the five senses, the thoughts, the judgment, the living spirit and the will of [TARGET'S NAME]. To you I offer the smoke of this cigar!"
        • "I conjure the Holy Guardian Angel of [TARGET'S NAME], I conjure the saints and angels for the day he was born [TARGET'S DATE OF BIRTH], for the day he was baptized, and for the day he will die."
        • "By this cigar I conjure the living spirit, body, mind, sexual organs, head, feet and hands, thought, judgment and will of [TARGET'S NAME]."
      • Light the cigar.
      • Take a puff of the cigar, and speak this line over the photo, breathing the smoke out over the image:
        • "Grant me spirits of domination that [TARGET'S NAME] cannot be, nor live calmly, that he cannot eat, nor sleep, nor drink, nor walk without feeling the pressure I place on him."
      • Take a second puff, and speak this line, breathing the smoke over the photo:
        • "Come [TARGET'S NAME] - dominated in body, thought and will, you can no longer act wilfully or resist my command - my look weakens you, my voice dominates you, my eyes blind you and my will overpowers yours."
      • Take a third puff, and speak this line, breathing the smoke over the photo:
        • "So it is and it cannot be otherwise, so it is and it cannot be otherwise, so it is and it cannot be otherwise."
      • Now puff the cigar and blow the smoke on the target's photo with your mind intently focused on the words "[TARGET'S NAME], I dominate you. [TARGET'S NAME], you submit to me," with each puff.
        • DO NOT let your mind wander - the cigar is like a powerful horse - you need to tame and direct it with your will
      • Finish the cigar in this way, continuing until the ember reaches the band.
      • Now, hold the cigar with the ember facing directly up to the sky and place the photo on top of it and continue repeating the words until you are able to see the heat from the cigar coming through the photo and singing it.
      • Quickly remove the photo and put the cigar out on the face, covering the photo in ash.
      • Take the photo in both hands and fold it away from you, rotate it 90 degrees clockwise and fold it away from you again.
      • Drip the wax from the purple candle to coat the paper, so it forms a packet coated in a layer of soft wax.
      • Lay your fingernails and toenails on the packet and continue covering them wax until the candle is done.
      • Leaving some slack on the beginning of the cord, wind the purple cord around the packet towards yourself, trying to completely cover it.
      • Knot the two ends of the cord together, saying, [TARGET'S NAME] I dominate your five senses.
      • Make a second knot, saying, [TARGET'S NAME] I dominate your thoughts.
      • Make a third knot, saying, [TARGET'S NAME] I dominate your judgement.
      • Make fourth knot, saying, [TARGET'S NAME] I dominate your will.
      • Make a fifth and final double knot, saying, [TARGET'S NAME] I dominate your living spirit.
      • Place the packet under the insole of your left shoe and wear it every day, being sure to feed the packet at least once a week to keep it strong.
      • Once the target has complied, remove the packet and burn it.
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    Infiltration Ritual


      • Timing: Sunday at Sundown
      • Candles: None
      • Additional Materia:
        • A metal key
          • Modern key with a flat face, rather than an antique key is preferred.
        • A representation or photo of the target on paper
        • A narrow glass or vase on which the photo can rest
        • Purple string
        • White string
        • A clay or earthenware dish
          • Procedure
            • On the first night, place the photo of your target over the mouth of a glass or jar
            • Slowly pour the Infiltraiton formula onto the picture allowing it to drip through into your container
            • As it drains focus on the formula integrating with and becoming inseperable from your target, slipping into and through every barrier
            • As the formula drains through, add more, until it has all filtered through the picture of your target
            • Return this fixed formula to the vial, and hide the vial where it will not be found.
            • On the night of the new moon, retrieve the vial.
            • Place the key in the earthenware dish.
            • Liberally add the fixed Infiltration formula on the key.
            • Light the key on fire with your left hand.
            • While the key burns, focus on it absorbing the virtues of the formula.
            • Let the key cool, then hide it under your welcome mat.
            • On the night after the new moon, retrieve the key.
            • Feed the key more of the formula and give it fire again.
            • Let the key cool
            • Use a fine tip marker to write on the key: “When a stranger sojourns with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong.”
              • You will probably need to write on both sides - that's ok
            • Wind the purple string through the hole in the key.
            • Tie nine knots in the purple string
            • Wind the string around the key, down the length of the key and back until it is completely covered so that the key is not visible.
            • Slip the excess string back through the hole in the key, tie the end of the string to the knotted end, then tie 3 more knots
            • Slip the white string through the hole in the key and tie it at a length thats comfortable to wear as a necklace under your shirt
            • Don't let anyone see your amulet.
            • Feed the formula to your amulet at least weekly until you have successfully completed your infiltration.
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      Obfuscation Ritual


      • Timing: Sunday at Sundown
      • Candles: 1 6-10" Black candle
      • Additional Materia:
        • A small pocket mirror that opens and closes (never opened)
        • Hair from a black cat
          • In case of allergies, powdered black cat bone is an acceptable substitute.
        • A small cast iron vessel
        • Black poppyseed
        • Agar agar powder
        • Powdered dragonsblood resin
        • Procedure:
        • Moisten the agar agar powder with Obfuscation formula and mix until a thin paste forms
        • Coat the candle in the paste and roll it in the black cat hair (or powder) and dragonsblood.
        • Allow the candle to dry until the coating sets.
        • Repeat as needed until there is a thin shell on the candle.
        • Wet the candle wick with a drop of Obfuscation formula.
        • Melt the bottom of the candle to stand it in up in the cast iron vessel.
        • Sitting in the dark, open the mirror, and set it before you.
        • Light a match, and set light to the candle.
          • The wick is fixed with alcohol - it will burn extra hot - be careful!
        • Hold the mirror so that it is posititioned 2-4" above the flame of the candle and gaze at your own reflection.
        • Recite:
          • Smoke and darkness of the night, shadows and silence of the darkest valley, I conjure you by this flame and I offer you this smoke.
          • Those which cannot be seen - those which are hidden at midday - those who persist invisibly, I call you and conjure you by the black cat and the dragon's blood.
          • Come and hide me as you are hidden. Whenever I gaze into this mirror, and offer you this smoke cloak and surround me so long as the candle burns.
          • Come you of hidden places and concealed appearance - you who are neither known nor remembered. Come show me if you would receive my offering.
        • Hold the mirror over the flame and gaze at your reflection until it is completely covered in black soot.
        • Allow the candle to burn out.
        • Close the mirror and place it in a secret place.
      To Use:
                    • Prepare a black candle as before.
                    • Set it in the small cast iron vessel.
                    • Retrieve your mirror.
                    • Working in the dark, clean your mirror with a cloth.
                    • Light the candle.
                    • Recite:
                      • Come hidden ones - come and honor our pact. I offer you your smoke. Come you who are unseen and you of darkness - you of midninght and of silence. Come you spirits who pass unnoticed. Come wrap me and cover me - hide me as you are hidden so long as this flame burns.
                    • Hold your mirror and gaze, gathering the smoke as before.
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      Disruption Ritual



              • Timing: Saturday at Sundown
              • Candles: 1 black
              • Additional Materia:
                • Black chalk
                • A clay dish
                • A wasp nest
              • Procedure:
                • Write your target's name and date of birth on the clay plate with the black chalk
                  • You may wish to add your disruptive intentions surrounding their name
                  • When you are done, crush the remaining stick of chalk to powder and place in the center of the dish
                • Place the wasp nest in the pile of black chalk
                • Feed the wasp nest with disruption formula
                • Light the black candle and recite
                  • Come you spirits who are lost at the crossroads, come you souls who wander the night!
                    By this offering I conjure you! Come and abide with [Name of the target]!
                    Abide with [him/her/them] at home and away from home, in coming and in going, in
                    [his/her/their] planning and [his/her/their] labors! Pull [his/her/their] mind towards you,
                    and carry [his/her/their] soul with you in your wanderings, and never allow [his/her/their]
                    plans or labors to come before you!
                • Use the black candle to ignite the wasp nest and let it burn.
                • Pound the burnt wasp nest to powder with the black chalk in the clay dish; completely cover the target's name and date of birth with the mixture.
                • Invert the black candle and coat the powder with the wax, sealing it to the plate.
                  • If the target is nearby:
                    1. Break the clay plate in front of the target's home.
                    2. Bury or scatter the pieces around the target's property.
                  • If the target is far away:
                    1. Break the clay plate at a crossroads.
                    2. Bury the pieces in the four corners of the crossroads.
                    3. Leave some coins + candy over the buried pieces
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