Conjure Box V: Dark Arts Collection

In This Box:
Name Intention/Use Ritual
Something Wicked Conjuring with the spirit of an Old West assassin Click Here
Forbidden Wisdom Catching and training an informant spirit Click Here
D.U.M.E. (Death Unto My Enemies) Click Here
Path of Exile For wandering and wanderers Click Here


Suggested Rituals

These are merely suggestions - please feel free to adapt to your tradition, tools, etc.

The sages teach us that one can repent for whatever evil one does, but one cannot repent for the evil one leads others to do. I offer you these formulas and rituals to use for JUSTICE rather than wickedness. The rituals are given here without any suggested language in the hopes that the obstacle of having to speak these words with true individual intention acts as a safety mechanism for anyone intending to use these rituals to harm others.


Something Wicked Ritual

    • Timing: Begin November 21 - Tom Horn's birthday
    • Candles:365 animal tallow candle
    • Additional Materia:
      • Cast iron pot or bowl
      • A new knife with reflective blade
      • A photograph of Tom Horn
        • Many on google, or choose from these (click for full-size image)
        • A copy of The Life of Tom Horn
          • The book is more than 100 years old and has been through many different printings - different covers, but all the same book. Find one for less than $10 on Google or Ebay.
        • Railroad dirt
          • The dirt beneath the ballast (railroad rocks) in between the tracks
          • Preferably from a mountain railroad. In the 1903 account of Tom Horn's execution by public hanging, we read, "while Proctor buckled straps that bound Horn's arms and legs, the Irwins, each in a rich tenor, sang a rather lugubrious song popular on the range, Life Is Like a Mountain Railroad. ... ‘Tom,' spoke up Charlie Irwin, ‘did you confess to the preacher? No,' was the reply"
        • Coins (1900 or earlier - preferably at least part silver), rye whiskey, pipe tobacco

        • Create an area separate from your normal altars - you may choose to create an shielded area outdoors.
          • Place Tom Horn's photo in a frame.
          • Place the cast iron vessel in the center.
          • Place the knife with the reflective blade in front of the pot.
          • Every night until November 20th - the date of Tom Horn's execution, anoint a candle with a few drops of Something Wicked formula and burn it in the cast iron pot.
            • He was executed the day before his birthday, so it is a year-long operation.
          • Strike the pot thirteen times with the back of the knife and call Tom Horn's name each time.
          • Turn so your back is to the pot, hold the knife in front of you and watch the reflection of the flame in the blade.
          • Allow your vision to shift and allow the flickering to take your mind. Wait until you detect signs of his prsence.
          • Read aloud from The Life of Tom Horn as the candle burns.
            • You may need to light additional candles for reading light, but don't use electric light
            • You may want to play Life is Like a Mountain Railway for him - you can use the link above. Feel it out though. He is not always in the mood.
          • As the candle reaches the end, sprinkle a little tobacco in the flame, splash some whiskey into the pot, and toss him a coin or two.
          • Continue through the year.
          • When you reach Tom's next birthday, give him a gift based on your experience reading his story with him.

    To Work with Tom Horn
        • After you have completed the year, continue burning candles at least once a month on the New Moon.
        • Call him and watch in the knife until he arrives, as before.
        • Write an assignment for him on a piece of paper in the form of a contract between you and him, specifying the target, the job and the payment. Sign the contract.
          • Start slow and build up over consecutive assignments
        • Stab the knife through the contract into the contents of the pot.
        • Pay him promptly upon fulfillment.
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    Forbidden Wisdom Ritual


      • Timing: Over the course of one moon cycle, beginning with a full moon
      • Candles: 28 white
      • Additional Materia:
        • Dirt from the grave of a sage, scholar or spiritual adept
          • Notable priest or rabbi
          • High degree Freemason
          • Known sorceror or magician
          • Etc.
        • An earthenware bowl
        • A blank notebook or journal
        • A glass of water
        • A black glass or obsidian mirror

        • On the full moon, visit the grave you've selected with white candles, white flowers and appropriate offerings.
          • Take your time and do your research on the grave you choose- this spirit will be your tutor.
          • Use your research to help you select an offering that will be appreciated.
        • Make your offerings, and invoke the spirit. Request permission to collect dirt.
          • Review lessons on necromancy for recommended protocol and methods.
        • Prepare a space where you will do this work.
          • Place the blank journal or notebook beneath the earthenware bowl.
          • Place the glass of water beside the bowl.
        • Add the collected grave dirt to the bowl.
        • Every night for the next 27 nights, anoint a white candle with Forbidden Wisdom formula, allow to dry, and burn it in the bowl.
        • As the candle burns, call and commune with the soul of your tutor.
          • Ask for your tutor to choose a clear way for you to communicate.
            • You may choose to present different basic divination options, such as flipping coin(s), rolling dice, consulting cards, bibliomancy, etc.
            • Use the divination method to have a yes/no conversation to get to know your tutor and their likes and preferences are.
            • Keep the water glass full and fresh for the 27 days
              • It's ok to empty it out and refill it.
            • Wash the obsidian mirror with saltwater.
            • Place the mirror on the surface of the dirt in the bowl.
            • Keep the bowl in a hidden place - don't allow anyone to see it or know about it.
            • To consult your tutor, anoint a candle with Forbidden Wisdom formula.
            • Light the candle in the bowl and gaze at the flame in the black mirror.
            • Request a piece of information from your tutor, write your request in the book, and place it under the bowl.
            • Focus on your request as you gaze at the flame until the candle is done.
            • When the candle is finished, open the book where you wrote your question and allow the answer to come through your hand.
              • Don't allow your thoughts to intervene - just process automatically.
            • If you are satisfied with the response, thank the tutor and make an offering based on what you learned about their likes and preferences.
            • You may move on to another question when it comes up in the same way.
            • If you didn't receive a satisfactory response, wait 7 days and repeat up to 2 more times.
              • Bear in mind, no human soul is omniscient and it is possible that your tutor can't access the answers to some questions.
              • If you attempt three times without a satisfactory answer, let the question lie for at least 1 year before asking it again.
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    D.U.M.E. Ritual



      • Timing: Saturday night, beginning at Midnight
      • Candles: 1 Black candle, butted
        • Reverse the candle by cutting the end with the wick so it's flat, and then carving the other end to expose the wick.
      • Additional Materia:
        • Dirt from inside the cemetery gates
        • Photo of the target
        • Personal concerns of the target
          • Personal concerns typically refers to hair, nail clippings, or clothing belonging to the person, but it could also be their signature, etc.
        • An earthenware pot
        • A brand new glass bottle or jar with lid
        • A brand new pair of scissors
          • You're gonna be breaking the scissors, so it's best to buy relatively flimsy ones.
        • A brand new pen
        • A cigar

    • Collect the cemetery gate dirts.
      • Acknowledge, salute and request permission from the spirits of each place you collect dirt.
      • Make offerings and payments when and where you collect dirt.
      • Take proper precautions when you work in the cemetery. Review the material in Necromancy 201.
    • Prepare the target's photo as a name paper by writing their full name and date of birth nine times.
    • Turn their photo counter-clockwise and write your intention for them nine times to form a grid.
    • Put the personal concerns in the pot, add some DUME formula, and burn them to ash.
    • Add the graveyard dirt on top of them and mix it all counterclockwise with your left hand.
    • Stick the black butted candle into the graveyard dirt, dress it in DUME formula and light it with three matches with your left hand.
    • Light the cigar BACKWARDS with the same three matches.
      • Put the end you normally end in your mouth and light the end you normally smoke
    • Put the three burnt matches into the bottle and close it back up.
    • Lay the target's photo in the pot and blow your cigar smoke over it.
      • Cigar work is very powerful and a bit of a challenge - focus on your intention with every puff. The cigar will attmept to draw your attention away. Do not lose focus!
    • Drop your cigar ashes on the target's photo
    • When the cigar is finished, put it in the bottle and close it back up.
    • Use the cigar ashes to draw an X over the target's photo.
      • You may choose to burn the target's photo to ash so the work (if found) remains anonymous.
    • Add the dirt, ashes, and photo [if not burnt] to the bottle, add the rest of the DUME formula and seal it
    • Take the bottle back to the cemetery, open it, and leave it hanging from a tree.
    • Break the scissors into two parts. Bury them in two different corners of the cemetery, with the points pointing towards the tree the bottle is hanging from.
    • Break the pen into two parts. Bury them in the other two corners of the cemetery with the points pointing towards the tree the bottle is hanging from.
    • Smash the pot to fine pieces and sprinkle them at the crossroads of the cemetery.
      • If your cemetery has no crossroads, sprinkle in the four corners.

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    Path of Exile Ritual

      • Timing: Saturday night, 11:30 PM
      • Candles: None
      • Additional Materia:
        • Dirt from:
          • A remote crossroads
          • Areas outside of city limits/past the city limits sign
          • A homeless camp
        • A metal compass rose
        • Coins of an obsolete currency
        • A can that was littered
        • Black cloth or bandana (if the work is for you)

      • Collect the dirts.
        • Be absolutely sure to follow good protocol and best practices and be safe.
      • Cut the can open (if it isn't already) and add the three dirts.
      • Add Path of Exile formula and ignite it
      • Feed the flaming dirts the compass rose while speaking your intention.
      • Feed the coins while conjuring the wandering spirits.
      • If you intend to target someone else, sprinkle the dirt in their shoes.
      • If you intend to work with these spirits in your own wanderings, bundle the contents of the can in the black cloth. Carry the bundle with you and feed it Path of Exile formula regularly to keep it strong.
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