Conjure Box III: Joyful Living Collection

In This Box:
Maximum Confidence
For assertive confidence, presence and security
New Beginnings
For personal transformation
True Joy
To connect with your true uninhibited joy
Gifts of the Mind
To access your mind's most powerful capabilities

Suggested Rituals

These are merely suggestions - please feel free to adapt to your tradition, tools, etc.


Maximum Confidence Ritual


  • Timing: On a Full Moon
  • Candles: 1 Purple, 1 Orange, 1 Yellow
  • Additional Materia:
    1. A metal pin
      1. This can be any pin that closes: a lapel pin, a tie pin, a hat pin, etc. of any design. Even a safety pin will do.
    2. Three bay laurel leaves
    3. A white plate
    4. A new felt tip pen or marker
    5. An unused wooden skewer
  • Procedure:
  • Write your name and date of birth in a ring around the plate
    • Place the pin the center of the plate.
    • Using the skewer, engrave the following on each candle, running from wick to base:
      • Purple: Competence
      • Yellow: Compassion
      • Orange: Courage
    • Using a new pen, write the following verses on the bay leaves:
    1. "Of evil tidings he/she is not afraid. Steadfast is his/her heart, confident in Jehovah."
    2. "O Lord of Hosts, blessed is the one who is confident in you."
    3. "Though an army should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear; though war should break out against me, in this will I be confident."
  1. Dress the Bay leaves in Maximum Confidence formula
  2. Set the Bay leaves and candles on the plate as pictured here:
      • Light the candles
      • Close your eyes and retain the triangle formed by the candle flames in your mind's eye
      • Stay focused on the triangle of light, allowing it to grow in your mind's eye to completely encompass you
        • Allow the triangular base to grow triangular sides, completely surrounding you
        • Picture the point above the crown of your head, one triangular face running up your back, and two triangular faces meeting in front of you, as in this image:
      • Allow yourself to feel the strength and security of the triangular pyramid of confidence containing and protecting you.
      • Open your eyes without letting them focus - stare into the space between the three candle flames and continue to focus on the triangular pyramid of confident energy.
        • Allow the candles to burn down as you maintain that focus on the triangular field of confident energy.
        • When the candles are finished burning, take the pin, pierce the three bay leaves, and close the pin
          To use the charm
            • Feed the bay leaves with Maximum Confidence formula
              • Affix the pin with the leaves inside your clothing, hat or coat and visualize the triangular pyramid to invoke the triangular pyramid of confidence around yourself.
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                    New Beginnings Ritual


                    • Timing: On a New Moon
                    • Additional Materia:
                      1. Three white eggs
                      2. A snake shed
                      3. A small clay vessel
                      4. A new felt tip pen or marker
                      5. Maywater
                    • (Rainwater collected during the first rain in the month of May)
                    • A fireproof bowl
                    • A small slip of parchment paper
                    • Procedure
                      • On the first night of the New Moon, use a new pen or marker to write your name and date of birth on each of the three eggs.
                      • On each egg, write one pattern, mindset, habit, or constraint that you wish to break.
                      • Baptize each egg in your name, making a cross on it with New Beginnings formula.
                      • On the first night, crack the first egg. Remove the yolk and white of the egg and bury them in a garden. Wash the egg shell in salt water and hide it away to dry.
                      • On the second night, crack the second egg. Remove the yolk and white of the egg and bury them under a fruit tree. Wash the egg shell in salt water and place it with the shell from the first night.
                      • On the third night, crack the third egg. Remove the  yolk and white of the egg and place them in a fireproof bowl.
                      • Add New Beginnings formula to the fireproof bowl and ignite it, letting it burn until the flame goes out on its own.
                      • Allow the bowl to cool.
                      • Pour off the liquid portion of the egg, retaining the cooked layer from the surface.
                      • Write your intention for what you will become on the slip of paper or parchment, phrased in the present tense as here:
                        • "I [FIRST NAME LAST NAME], am reborn [as/with/feeling] [the change you want]"
                      • Put the slip in the bowl with the skin of egg, add some more New Beginnings formula and ignite it again, allowing it to all burn down.
                      • Allow the bowl and contents to cool, then add with the snake shed and the egg shells from the first two nights to the bowl.
                      • Pour a layer of salt over the bowl, and hide it away in a cool, dark place.
                      • Keep this bowl hidden until the Full Moon passes.
                      • On the first night of the Waning Moon, retrieve the bowl and grind the contents to a fine powder.
                      • Add just a few drops of New Beginnings formula to the powder to create a paste.
                      • Using the paste, draw a cross on the palm of each hand, the sole of each foot, your heart, your solar plexus, and your Third Eye.
                      • As you allow the crosses to dry, recite:
                        • "I forever cast off, cleanse and purge myself of all 'would haves', 'could haves' and 'should haves'. I release and let go of all guilt, shame and doubt."
                        • Go to sleep with the crosses on and don't wash them off until morning.
                      • On the next night of the Waning Moon, repeat the procedure of making a little paste and applying the crosses.
                      • As you allow the crosses to dry on the second night, recite:
                        • "I release 'I always', 'I usually', and 'I never'. I release my past thoughts, my past emotions and my past actions. They are not me anymore. They were me in the past, but they are not me now."
                        • Go to sleep again with the crosses on and don't wash them off til morning.
                      • A week later, on the first night of the next New Moon, repeat the process and recite:
                        • "I open myself to every path of life that unfolds before me. I remain clear and open to every possibility."
                        • Go to sleep and don't wash the crosses off til morning.
                      • On the second night of the New Moon, repeat the process and recite:
                        •  "I open myself to all of the opportunities of metamorphosis, and embrace my transformations."

                        • Go to sleep and don't wash the crosses off til morning.
                      • A week later, on the Waxing Moon, repeat the process and recite:
                        • "I am free of all limitations, all boundaries, all restrictions in my life, regardless of who or what created them, presented them to me, or applied them to me. If someone in my past, in my family, among my friends, among my acquaintances, in my professional life, or anyone else has placed a restriction on me, it is gone now. The restrictions I have placed on myself no longer apply to me. They apply to the person on whom they were placed, but I am not that person anymore."

                        • Go to sleep with the crosses on and don't wash them off til morning.
                      • A week later on the Full Moon, repeat the process a final time and recite:
                        •  "What I consider myself is a spot in a river.The form is consistent, but the substance changes each moment.I am not a container that catches and holds. I am an empty channel that exists to be flowed through.I received my form in fulfilling my function - in being nothing, I become anything.Expectations are chains to a false reality. Beliefs are chains to a partial and broken reality.I sacrifice knowing, for wonder. I sacrifice giving, for connecting. I sacrifice being for experiencing. I cannot be what I thought I was. Because I am a verb, a process - a happening - and not a thing. I am a flame and not a candle. When I change, then I become."
                        • Go to sleep as usual, but instead of washing the crosses off, wear them until they fade.
                      • Allow the transformation that you have unleashed to take place - give it time and be gentle and patient with yourself - you will emerge, like all new creatures - sensitive and fresh.

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                    True Joy Ritual


                    • Timing: Friday at Sunrise
                    • Candles: 1 Yellow, 1 Blue
                    • Additional Materia:
                      • A brightly colored feather
                          • 5 different colored flowers
                          • A glass jar
                          • Sugar
                          • Holy Water from 5 churches
                        • Procedure:
                          • Light the candles just before sunrise
                          • Add True Joy formula to the jar
                          • Add the holy water to the jar
                          • Add the 5 different colored flowers to the jar
                          • Stir the contents of the jar clockwise using the brightly colored feather until the sugar dissolves
                          • As you stir, focus your attention on the light of the rising sun. Notice how you can feel the light pass through your eyes into your heart.
                          • Allow the area around your heart to relax, and as the sky brightens, allow that area to become filled with joy.
                          • Continue stirring gently as the joy continues to grow to fill your entire ribcage and then spread throughout your torso.
                          • Using the feather, splash the water from the jar on yourself, starting at your feet and working upwards to the crown of your head.
                            • Feel the joy from your heart connect with each place the water touches
                          • Repeat this ritual every Friday for 5 weeks.
                          • Keep the jar and the feather in a safe place, away from where anyone will see them.
                          • After the five weeks are completed, you can use the feather to splash your face with the contents of the jar anytime to immediately restore the state of joy you experienced during the rituals.

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                            Gifts of the Mind Ritual


                            • Timing: Wednesday at mid-day
                            • Candles: 2 white + 2 black
                            • Additional Materia:
                              • A wooden chessboard
                              • The two kings or queens, or one of each of opposite colors (as fits your identity), of the chess set
                              • A brand new black pen or marker
                              • A brand new white or silver pen or marker
                            • Procedure:
                              • Write your full name and date of birth on the inside/bottom of the chess board
                              • On the squares of the chessboard, beginning in the top left and working across and down, write out:
                                • North, South, East, West
                                • Air, Fire, Water, Earth
                                • A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T,
                                • [Leave one square in the center blank]
                                • U, V, W, X, Y, Z
                                • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0
                                • SATURN, JUPITER, MARS, VENUS, MERCURY, MOON, SUN
                                  • You may substitute the Astrological symbols of the planets for the words
                                  • You may substitute the Astrological symbols of the signs for the words
                              • Dress the four corners and the blank square in the center of the board with Gifts of the Mind formula.
                              • Place one the two pieces you've selected on their appropriately colored spaces on opposite sides of the board.
                              • Alternating sides, move the pieces one space at a time horizontally across their rows.
                              • When they reach the ends of their rows, move them each a row closer and go across the new row.
                              • Continue doing this until the two pieces meet in the empty spot.
                              • Place the candles in the four corners of the board, putting the white candles on the white spaces and the black candles on the black spaces.
                              • Focusing your attention on the pieces in the empty space, light the candles.
                              • Allow your vision to become unfocused, taking in all the spaces of the chessboard at once, with the pieces at the center.
                              • Dress the pieces in Gifts of the Mind formula and remain focused on the board until the candles burn down.
                              • Once the candles are done, carry black piece in your left pocket and the white piece in your right pocket.
                            • To Access the the Gifts of Your Mind
                              • Take out the chessboard
                              • Place the pieces on the empty square
                              • Dress the four corners and the square with the pieces in Gifts of the Mind formula
                              • Light candles in the four corners of the board
                              • Speak allowed to your inner mind - ask it to perform what you need.
                                • ask your mind to answer a question, give your mind an assignment to provide a report on, ask it for a solution to a problem, etc.
                              • Prepare a notebook or journal, and a pen, and allow yourself to fall into trance focusing on the square with the two pieces, and allowing the entire board to remain in your view
                              • Without thinking, analyzing or evaluating, write on the pad exactly what is coming to you.
                                • Don't make any effort to understand it - just write exactly as it comes.
                                • Continue writing as much as you're able to until the candles are finished.
                              • You will become very tired. When you are finished, close your book and go to sleep.
                              • When you awaken, review what you wrote.
                              • Feed the chess pieces some of the Gifts of the Mind formula and return them to your pockets.
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