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About Me

For the past half decade, I've been applying my knowledge of ethnobotany and my former professional experience in laboratory botanical extraction in making and offering a variety of oils, powders, incenses and other spiritual medicines designed to help us cope with and thrive in this upside-down inside-out world.

I became interested in these arts from the older generations of my Persian Jewish family, where I saw the matriarchs consult the unseen with coffee cups, and the respected patriarchs speaking in hushed tones about changing situations by reciting psalms and carrying calligraphied amulets.

I spent my undergraduate years studying cultural anthropology with a focus on African diasporic traditions and indigenous magicoreligious systems, which gave me a solid foundation to engage and learn. I developed my practices over the decades through exposure, guidance and fellowship from practitioners in folk and indigenous traditions.

For many years, I did spiritual work for hire - from blessing to cursing and everything in between. These days I am a father and a husband, and I've committed to fostering an environment for the spiritual development of my family, my Temple and myself.

I still perform magic for hire, now focused on breaking curses, sending off harmful spirits, bringing liberation, health and harmony.