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Santa Muerte Anointing Oil -  Summer '22 Preorder - Ships 8/22
Santa Muerte Anointing Oil -  Summer '22 Preorder - Ships 8/22
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Santa Muerte Anointing Oil -  Summer '22 Preorder - Ships 8/22
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Santa Muerte Anointing Oil -  Summer '22 Preorder - Ships 8/22

Santa Muerte Anointing Oil - Summer '22 Preorder - Ships 8/22

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This dark, heavy blend starts as blessed Black Castor Seed Oil, chosen for its dark color, its heavy coating weight, and the extreme toxicity of the castor seed when eaten. This oil is infused with dried rose petals, black copal resin, 21 silver dimes ground to dust, iron knife dust, black gunpowder, dirt from the grave of hanged murderer Tom Horn, a pair of vulture bones, and a few handfuls of human cadaver bones, all presented at Her altar from Her public feast day on August 15 to Her inner feast day on November 7.

In Her blessed honor, and dedicated and consecrated to Her power and in Her name, I present the Santa Muerte Oil.

 Use this oil to mark and consecrate yourself, your loved ones, your home, your car, and your personal objects for to the Santa Muerte if you seek Her patronage and protection. Use it to anoint candles, amulets, statues, and other items in Her name. Use it in your spiritual workings to call upon Her incredible power in any of Her capacities.

 The Santa Muerte - the Holy Death- is called upon as a protector, a redeemer, a guide, an avenger, and a granter of incredible power.

It is said she knows each of us, and follows us all of our lives until the moment we are scheduled to pass, when she cuts the thread of life.

She is granted the power to cut and to spare life, to grant impenetrable spiritual protection, to balance injustice, to deliver and subdue the material world, and to harvest the soul and to carry it to its destination.

The roots of Her cult are in the pre-Christian history of the Mexica and Azteca people, and she is often linked with Mictēcacihuātl- the Lady of Death, the Queen of the Underworld, and the Guardian Mother of Bones. She has also been found to carry deep connections to Cōātlīcue- the Earth Mother goddess who birthed all the gods, and is the patroness of mothers who die in childbirth.

She rules the passage between life and death - as we are born through our mothers into our lives, so we are born through Santa Muerte into our deaths.

She is called upon first and foremost for powerful protection in the physical and spiritual sense. She readily and permanently breaks black magic and enchantments, undoes bindings and bottlings, and can be an extremely powerful ally for prosperity, road opening, and luck because of Her ability to subdue the material world. 

She is the patroness of my head and my spiritual house, and is the provider of all hidden wisdom, as Death is the process of trading life for wisdom.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Megan (Cherry Hill, US)
Feeling close to Her thanks to this!

As always the craft and competency are real! Thank you Hoodoo Moses!

fasteasyfree (Oklahoma City, US)

She loves it. Thank you brother!

Vanessa (Stanton, US)

I used this oil on a candle and it worked like a charm. I love it!!!!

Jessica (Brooklyn, US)
It's hers alright!

As soon as I opened the cap to get a whiff of this oil I felt its enormous power like a kick to the chest. This stuff is thick and potent. I put it right next to her on the altar, and get the sense that it pleases her to have it standing by. Handling with respect and gratitude!

Rachel Guerra (Quincy, US)
Santa muerte oil

The smell is phenomenal, words can not begin to describe this oil. You can feel the energy vibrating from the bottle. Highly recommended & will most definitely purchase again.