Master of the Woods Alchemical Distillate (2 oz spray)

Master of the Woods Alchemical Distillate (2 oz spray)

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The highest quality Master of the Woods extract, perfect for enhancing, expanding and increasing your personal influence, charisma, skill and mastery. 

Master of the Woods is used to gain power over others, to grant energy and vigor, and to gain an upper hand in competition. 

This homogenized hydrosol and essential oil spray is made in small batches using a traditional copper still.

The sprayable extract is an useful addition to your arsenal as an altar spray, incense substitute, spiritual bath, house steam, room spray, laundry spray, body spray, hair mist, facial toner, car freshener and more!

Easy to use, versatile and wonderfully fragrant, the water-based extraction is great on all surfaces and in all spaces. 

How to Use:
Use to shift the energy in your space + your self. Just spray 5-10 times in your room, on your altar, or on your face + body and breathe deep! The potentiated extract of Master of the Woods gets right to work. Can be applied as frequently as you like

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Anna (Oakland, US)
Smells Amazing!

I love the way this smells! I also love how I feel after spraying and wearing it. I use it when I need a quick cleanse and feel immediately in control and in the right spiritual and head space. I will be buying again.

Ruby Inkz (Rocky Point, US)
Really works

I’ve used this product with instant results. Also use it to master thy self! Thank you Hoodoo Moses, I love your products !! Every one of them!

acial1106 (Lewiston, US)
Earthy, refreshing, and top tier vibes!!

Thank you SO MUCH for this masterpiece of spray! Using it as an after shower spray, and for my candles! I even used some before going out to the casino, and won some $$! Thank you for the work you do and will be ordering more in the near future :)

C.L. (Brooklyn, US)

Master of the Woods has helped me gain an incredible positive influence in my life. Working with the (the product) has given me confidence and energy in myself.

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