Conjure Box IV: Abundant Prosperity Collection

In This Box:
Name Intention/Use Ritual
Better Business Maximizing prosperity and growth for a business Click Here
Financial Freedom Overcoming debt and achieving financial stability Click Here
Road to Opportunity Opening the way for fortunate opportunities Click Here
Blessed Livelihood Ensuring a stable livelihood Click Here


Suggested Rituals

These are merely suggestions - please feel free to adapt to your tradition, tools, etc.


  Better Business Ritual

  • Timing: Friday
  • Candles: 1 Gold
  • Additional Materia:
    1. Clay or earthenware bowl
    2. Dirt from 9 successful businesses
    3. A couple handfuls of coins
    4. Beans/seeds/corn
  • Procedure:
    • Collect the dirt
      • Speak your intention to work with the spirits of prosperity residing at that place when you collect your dirt and ask their permission to take it
      • Acknowledge and pay the spirits - pour libations of water + sprinkle tobacco - bury coins where you took the dirt
      • Prepare the bowl by washing it with salt water and allowing it to dry, then add one coin of each denomination (ie one penny, one nickle, one dime, one quarter), some Better Business formula, and ignite it
            • Speak your intention to prepare a place suitable to house spirits of prospierty
          • While the fire burns, gently add the 9 dirts, one at a time - don't extinguish the fire
              • As you add each dirt, call the name of the place and acknowledge the spirits.
            • Each night for seven nights, apply some Better Business formula to a gold candle, set the candle in the dirt, and burn it.
              • Depending on your climate and candles, you may choose to mix the Wealthy Way formula with a small amount (1/2-1 tsp) of petroleum jelly to dress the candle - note this will cause a bigger fire
            • While the candle burns, call forth the spirits of prosperity from the dirt of the 9 prosperous businesses
            • As the candle burns down and the top surface of the dirt is mixed with molten wax, feed the bowl a few coins and a sprinkle of beans/seeds/corn
              • As you feed the bowl, tell the spirits that the offerings are given as promises of what you come to offer in exchange for their assistance.
            • Keep the bowl behind the front door of your business
              • You could also place it on your desk, behind the door of your office, by your cash register, etc.
            • Feed the bowl candles and smoke (either from prosperity incense you burn in the bowl or cigar smoke you blow into it) every morning, and ask the spirits to help your business prosper.
              • Make specific requests, ie
              • Bring me customers
              • Help me find the right connections
              • Guide me to spend and grow wisely
              • Etc.
            • At the end of any day that you have the success you request, feed the bowl a candle with the Better Business formula, coins and beans/seeds/corn.
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        Financial Freedom Ritual


        • Timing: Over the course of one moon cycle, beginning with a new moon
        • Candles: 1 Purple, 1 Red, 1 White, 1 Blue
        • Additional Materia:
            1. A brass key
            2. Your paid bills
        • These can be whole printed sheets or shredded paid bills, originals or copies
        • Your unpaid bills, or account statements showing a balance owed
        • Purple, red and blue or white string or jute
        • An earthenware pot or bowl
          • Procedure
            • On the new moon, awaken the brass key.
              • Under the moon, place the key in the earthenware dish, add Financial Freedom formula, and ignite.
              • Call to the key to wake up and to enliven and to capture the heat and energy of the flames. Tell the key that this is its heat and that you invoke it by this heat.
              • Once the key is cooled to the touch, baptize the key by dipping it in holy water, saying "In the name of [your appropriate Higher Power], I baptize you [whatever name you choose for your key]"
              • Wrap your key carefully in a green cloth and tuck it away somewhere safe.
            • On the waxing moon 7 nights later, put the key in the bowl again and your paid bills (whole or shredded) on top of the key. Add Financial Freedom formula and light them with a match.
              • As the fire catches, call to the brass key by its name. Tell your key that this is its food and that you feed and sustain it by this food.
              • As the papers are burned down to ash and the key is revealed, thank the key for accepting its food
              • When your key is cool to the touch, wrap it up carefully in its cloth and tuck it away.
              • On the full moon 7 nights later, measure and cut lengths of Red, Blue and Purple string from the tip of your middle finger to the inside of your elbow.
              • Fold those strings in half, and measure and cut a white string to their folded length.
              • Braid the seven strings together. This video has a great tutorial on seven-strand braiding.
                • As you are braiding the strands, focus your intention on braiding together the strands of reality - see the braid you form as a code of life - like DNA.
              • Loop your braid through the hole on your key and tie it. Tell your key that this is its life, and that you animate it by this life.
              • Suspend the key by the cord so it hangs as a pendulum. Program the pendulum with basic responses.
                • Tell your key you are going to teach it how to communicate with you.
                • Print or draw this pendulum training chart (link to PDF here) and place it on your working surface
              • Suspend your pendulum over where the lines cross in the center and run it through the motions as you instruct it.
                • These are the programming instructions for my chart - adjust according to your pendulum cloth/chart/etc. For each one, pass the pendulum in the direction and say the meaning seven times, using your free hand to stop it between each pass:
                • Right, say "Yes."
                • Left, say "No."
                • Bottom, say "Now."
                • Top, say "Later."
                • Clockwise, say "More."
                • Counter-clockwise, say "Less."
              • Wrap the cord around your hand and hold the key in your palm. Tell your key to indicate to you whether it understands the instructions you've given it.
              • Hold the key steady over the center of the chart again and wait for it to move.
                • It may say:
                • Yes or no, indicating that it did or didn't understand.
                • Now or later, indicating that it is ready to work/answer or needs to be put away.
                • More or less, indicating that it needs more instruction or the instructions were not clear/too complex.
              • Perform the programming procedure as many times as necessary until your key indicates that it understands, then carefully put it away in its cloth.
              • On the waning moon 7 nights later, lay out your unpaid bills. Take your pendulum in your hand as before and hold/rub it until the brass becomes warm.
              • One at a time, suspend the pendulum over each bill and ask how you should pay it.
              • It may indicate:
                • Now - meaning to make an immediate payment.
                • Later - meaning to wait until the bill is due.
                • Yes - meaning pay the whole balance ASAP.
                • No - meaning make the minimum payment.
                • More - meaning increase the amount of your payment.
                • Less - meaning decrease the amount of your payment.
                • Consulting your key should be friendly and conversational, with you asking questions, receiving answers, and asking questions based on those answers.
              • After you're done, thank the your key and put it away.
              • As you pay each bill, wet the cord on your pendulum with water, place the pendulum it in the bowl, add the paid bill, and burn it to feed the pendulum, thanking it for its help and inviting it to enjoy its food.
              • Consult your pendulum for financial and business decisions with faith that it will impartially guide you to financial freedom.

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        Road to Opportunity Ritual


              • Timing: Wednesday
              • Candles: 1 White
              • Additional Materia:
                • A Coconut
                • Red Palm Oil
                • 13 silver Mercury dimes
                • Clay bowl/dish/plate
                • Dirt from seven of each:
                  • Crossroads
                  • Casinos
                  • Marketplaces/shopping malls/retail districts/etc.
                • Procedure:
                • Collect the 21 dirts.
                  • Acknowledge, salute and request permission from the spirits of each place you collect dirt.
                  • Make offerings and payments when and where you collect dirt.
                  • Conjure the spirits of the crossroads who open the way, the spirits of casinos who know and travel the ways of luck, and the spirits of marketplaces who feed on commercial excitement.
                • Add the 21 dirts to the clay vessel, add Road to Opportunity formula and ignite.
                • Conjure the spirits as a collective, calling them to work together.
                • Drill or break a hole in your coconut that your candle will fit in. Empty any coconut water.
                • Dress the white candle in red palm oil and roll it in the mixed dirt to coat it.
                • Use a funnel to put the remaining dirt inside the coconut and add the Mercury dimes.
                • Place the dressed candle in the hole and burn it, focusing your intention on enlivening and sweetning the spirits you've collected in the dirts.
                  • Be very safe doing this in a container and in a place that can tolerate high heat and flames - the coconut hairs and the red palm oil may catch fire.
                • Every Wednesday, shake the coconut and talk to the spirits - sing for them if you can - and feed them a few drops of Road to Opportunity formula by dropping them into the coconut and shaking very well.
                • Use pinches of the dirt sparingly to sprinkle on and rub into your business cards, resume and business papers, your work shoes and clothes, your briefcase, etc.

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          Blessed Livelihood Ritual


                • Timing: Friday night, Sundown
                • Candles: 1 white
                • Additional Materia:
                  • Your business card
                  • A white candle
                  • A brand new pen
                  • A clay flowerpot without a drainage hole
                  • Dirt from your front door/yard
                    • If you don't have a yard, from a plant you keep by your front door.
                • Procedure:
                  • Write your petition on the back of your business card
                    • Be specific
                    • Address your petition to your source of abundance and livelhood
                    • Ask for what you need
                    • Give financial specifics
                    • List things you need to provide, etc.
                    • Be sure to offer your gratitude and to teach someone else this method if it works for you.
                    • Sign the bottom like a letter or contract.
                  • Stick the candle to the bottom of the pot (either melt the bottom so the wax becomes soft or use some candle adhesive)
                  • Add the dirt from your front door
                  • Stand your petition up against the candle in the dirt
                  • As the candles burn and the petition catches fire and burns, focus on your requests.
                  • Before sunrise, bury that dirt at a church or place of worship.
                  • Use that pen for all of your business and financial matters.
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