Conjure Box II: Inner Gifts Collection

In This Box:
Guided Intuition
For spiritual guidance, progression in spiritual understanding, spiritual assistance.
Inner Vision
To assist focused dreaming, for boosting intuition, for elevating spiritual frequency
Earth's Wisdom
To connect with plant, animal and nature spirits
To enhance manifestation of spiritual work

Suggested Rituals

These are merely suggestions - please feel free to adapt to your tradition, tools, etc.


Guided Intuition Ritual

  • Candles: 2 White, 1 Blue
  • Additional Materia:
    1. Small metal compass rose
    2. A small bird skull
    3. A white plate
    4. Blue cordage
  • Procedure:
  • Write your name and date of birth in a ring around the plate
    • Place the bird skull on top of the compass rose in the center of the plate.
    • Set the candles on the plate as pictured here:
      • Dress the skull and compass rose in Guided Intuition formula
      • Use the blue candle to light the skull and compass rose on fire.
      • Light each of the white candles from the burning skull.
      • Set the candles in their places.
      • Close your eyes
        • Focus on perceiving the light through your closed eyes.
        • Focus on the Third Eye area, ~1.5" above your eyes, centered between your two eyes.
        • Direct your breath and vital energy to this point
        • Notice tingling at this point - try to concentrate the tingling/electric feeling until you feel the area open.
      • With the third eye point open, keeping your eyes closed, focus on the bird skull.
      • Open your eyes.
      • Coat the skull and compass rose in the wax from the blue candle.
      • Tie the compass rose/bird skull in blue cord and hang it around your neck so that it rests over your heart.
      • To use the amulet
        • Feed the bundle a few drops of Guided Intuition formula and wear it over your heart.
          • Best to wear over your heart for at least three hours.
        • Lie down, close your eyes, place the charm bundle over your third eye and focus until you feel your Third Eye open and activate.
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          Inner Vision Ritual


          • Candles: 1 White, 1 Blue, 1 Yellow
          • Additional Materia:
            1. A silk scarf
            2. Two iolite or moldavite stones that fit comfortably over your eyes
            3. A marker
          • Procedure
            • Lay out the silk scarf before you.
            • Place the stones on the scarf.
            • Arrange the candles and stones around the scarf as shown:
            • Light the candles.
            • Draw a cross over your heart and another cross over Third Eye with Inner Vision Formula.
            • Close your eyes, inhale deeply, and allow your attention to gently shift inwards.
            • Focus on releasing any tension and allowing your inner experience to flow and change according to its inclination.
              • If your focus shifts to your experience in your body, ask the experience how it wants to change right now.
              • If your focus shifts to your Self, remind yourself to open and receive.
            • Allow whatever symbol(s) or image(s) that want to deposit themselves into your mind to do so.
            • Open your eyes and draw the symbol(s) and/or image(s) on the silk scarf with a marker.
            • When the candles are done, wrap the stones in the scarf and put the bundle someplace private until you plan to use it.
          • To use the stones + scarf:
            • Anoint the scarf in Inner Vision formula.
            • Lie down and place the stones over your eyes.
            • Tie the scarf snugly over the stones, with the drawings you made facing inwards.
            • Draw a cross over your heart and Third Eye with Inner Vision formula.
            • Relax and invite the vision to fill your mind.
            • If you receive any new symbols or images, add them to the scarf after you have finished your vision.

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          Earth's Wisdom Ritual

          • Candles: [None]
          • Additional Materia:
            • Dirts
              • Dirt from a mountain top
              • Dirt from a forest
              • Dirt/sand from a sea/ocean
              • Dirt/sand from a desert
                Bones from a BirdBones from a MammalBones from a FishBones form a Reptile
              Plant parts
                Cottonwood leavesVetiver rootWater lilliesDragon's Blood resin
              Your personal concerns
                Your hairYour toenailsYour fluids
                  Can be any or any combination of your fluids, collected in a vial
                    SalivaTearsBloodSexual fluidsetc
                Your fingernails
              A red cloth or solid red bandana
          • Procedure:
            • Place the items in the order given
              1. Fingernails
              2. Hair
              3. Toenails
              4. Fluids
              5. Desert Sand
              6. Mountain Dirt
              7. Forest Dirt
              8. Sea Sand
              9. Dragonsblood Resin
              10. Cottonwood Leaves
              11. Vetiver Root
              12. Water Lilly Petals
              13. Reptile Bones
              14. Bird Bones
              15. Mammal Bones
              16. Fish Bones
              • Combine each quadrant into a separate clay vessel as follows
                • Fingernails, Desert Sand, Dragonsblood Resin, Reptile Bones
                • Hair, Mountain Dirt, Cottonwood Leaves, Bird Bones
                • Toenails, Forest Dirt, Vetiver Root, Mammal Bones
                • Fluids, Sea Sand, Water Lilly Petals, Fish Bones
              • Feed each vessel Earths Wisdom formula and set on fire
              • After the fire has burned down, grind the contents of each vessel to powder and return them to their respective vessel
              • Lay the vessels out on the cloth as pictured:
                • Add a little water to the bottom left vessel.
                  • Just a few ounces is plenty.
                • Pour the contents of the bottom left vessel into the top left vessel and mix well.
                • Breathe over the contents of the top left vessel.
                • Add Earth's Wisdom formula to the top right vessel and set on fire.
                • Pour the contents of the bottom right vessel into the top right vessel.
                • Pour the contents of the top left vessel into the top right vessel to extinguish the fire.
                • Wrap the red cloth over the vessel containing everything and set in a hidden place to dry.
                  • Ideally, the place should be in nature, preferably in a cave or buried.
                • After 16 days, check to see if the contents are dry. If they are still damp, cover again and check after 4 days. Check every 4 days until it is dry, up to 28 days.
                • Scrape the dried contents out of the vessel and place them in the center of the red cloth.
                • Draw the corners of the cloth together to create a bundle.
                • Wind the cord 16 times around the neck of the bundle to create a pouch and tie the ends with 16 knots.
                • Dress the bundle with Earth's Wisdom formula and feed it tobacco smoke.


                To Use the Bundle
                  • Dress it in Earth's Wisdom formula and feed it tobacco smoke.
                  • Tuck it into your clothes to wear it against your body as you work with the spirits of nature, animals, plants, and places.

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                  Manifestation Ritual


                  • Timing: Begin under a new moon (see below for full timing)
                  • Candles: White
                  • Additional Materia:
                    • A small wooden box or chest
                    • A lodestone that fits in the chest
                    • A brand new pen or marker
                    • A square of parchment paper
                    • Genuine gold leaf foil
                    • Sheepskin glue
                      • Available under the brand name "Old Brown Glue"
                    • Powdered marble or limestone
                    • New small paintbrushes or applicators
                  • Procedure:
                    • Write your full name and date of birth on the inside bottom of the box
                    • Write them again on the inside top of the box
                    • Paint the remaining four inside faces of the box with Manifestation formula.
                    • Mix the glue with a little powdered stone and paint the bottom and four sides of the box
                    • Carefully lay the gold leaf into the box using a brush or applicator
                    • While you allow the gilding to dry, repeat the process over the inside of the lid of the box
                    • Allow all of the gilding to set until the moon is full.
                    • For the three nights of the full moon
                      • Open the box under the full moon and catch the light on the gilding.
                      • Dress the white candle in Manifestation formula and allow to dry.
                      • Burn the white candle inside the box.
                    • Place the lodestone inside the box, dress it in Manifestation formula and close the lid.
                  • To Use the Box for Manifestation
                    • On the New Moon, write what you want to manifest on a piece of parchment paper with a new pen or marker
                    • Place a drop of Manifestation Formula in each of the four corners and the center of the parchment
                    • Sprinkle some magnetic sand into the bottom of the box
                    • Place the parchment over the magnetic sand
                    • Place the lodestone on top of the parchment
                    • Close the lid of the box
                    • On each of the three nights of the full moon, open the box and expose everything inside to the full moonlight while you focus intently on what you want to manifest.
                    • Close the box and repeat on each full moon until the intention is manifested.
                    • Once the manifestation is complete
                      • Remove the parchment, allowing the magnetic sand to reach the lodestone.
                      • Burn the parchment to ash and bury the ashes in your back yard
                        • If you don't have a back yard, you can bury the ashes in a potted plant by your back door.
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