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Tap into your favorite plant ally any time, anywhere.

These alchemically prepared distillations give you an immediate portal to the spirit of these sacred plants and formulas.

Spray it on your self, your altar, your sacred items, in your space, at work, in the car, and anywhere you want to immediately raise the presence of these powerful allies.

These stable, balanced, plant medicines are carefully distilled according to the methods practiced and recorded since ancient times. Each bottle expresses what the alchemists called the complete two-part alchemical soul of the plant - the pure distillate, composed of the plant's essential oil and hydrosol.

Adored by mystics for its ability to lift the plant's special character out of its body, and by royalty for its incredible smell and potent effects, I produce this distillate in a traditional copper alembic according to the methods that have been preserved from antiquity as a sacred science.

Rather than separate the two expressions of the plant, these distillates are blended into a stable liquid form using cutting edge technology.

The result is a perfect liquid form of beloved and revered botanical allies for your sacred self and sacred space

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