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Created for everyone from the absolute beginner to the experienced professional, I present 6 collections of formulas to be used with the included rituals, or however you are guided. Each collection focuses on a different domain of spiritual effort, and each formula can be used independently, with others from it's collection, or with formulas from other collections. The collections can be seen as palettes of formulas - working together, there are thousands of possible combinations for virtually every situation.

  • Combine Ultimate Victory with Path to Prosperity and New Beginning for job interviews and new business ventures.
  • Combine Ancestral Courage, Maximum Confidence and Domination to support a timid person.
  • Combine Forbidden Wisdom, Gifts of the Mind, and Inner Vision to boost clairsentience.
  • Your inspiration is the only limit!

Each hand-numbered box set comes with four formulas, and a private link to details about the formulas and ingredients, as well as a ritual you can use with each formula and tips/guidelines for using the formulas in your own ways and for your own purposes.

Limit MAXIMUM of 2 of each collection per person.

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