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The Inner Gifts Collection: Conjure Collection II

The Inner Gifts Collection: Conjure Collection II

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The Inner Gifts set brings together four formulas to be used for developing spiritual abilities and senses, and to boost these for particular situations. This set offers formulas for enhancing psychic, intuitive, magical and spiritual gifts with time-honored plant allies.

Each of the Inner Gifts formulas can readily apply to formulas of other Conjure Collections.

  • Manifestation is a perfect addition to any of the Prosperity formulas to aid in grounding and materializing the intention.
  • Guided Intuition blends very well with both the Joyous Soul and Dark Arts formulas to enhance your connection with your outcome.
  • Inner Vision pairs with with the Powerful Presence collection to shift from pure dominance to skillful leadership.
  • Earth's Wisdom is a powerful compliment to the animal spirits conjured in the Way of the Shadows and Dark Arts formulas.

In this Set:

Guided Intuition

Star anise, Sandalwood, and Wormwood are featured in this ethereal formula, used to assist focused dreaming and for boosting intuition. Useful in combination with other formulas to facilitate the support of your spiritual guides in your endeavors.

Inner Vision

A sanctifying formula marrying Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal to cleanse and elevate your ritual work, your spirits and yourself. This blend is intended to harmonize you with the higher realms.

Earth's Wisdom

An earthy, herbal formula uniting Tobacco, Solomon's Seal root and White Sage, to attune with and enhance connection to the living material world. This formula an be used to move into your body from higher or lower realms, to anchor workings or spirits within animal and plant materia, to commune more directly with organic materia, and for communion with spirits of nature.


Created with plants and resins used for manifestation and materialization of spiritual energies, like Myrrh, Bay Leaf, Tobacco and Earth Smoke. This formula is appropriate for all types of ritual and spiritual work intending to affect a material outcome, from meditation to spell work and beyond.

About the Conjure Collections:

Each collection comes with a link to a series of rituals designed for the formulas it contains.

Created for everyone from the absolute beginner to the experienced professional, I present 6 collections of formulas to be used with the included rituals, or however you are guided.

Each collection focuses on a different domain of spiritual effort, and each formula can be used independently, with others from it's collection, or with formulas from other collections.

The collections can be seen as palettes of formulas - working together, there are thousands of possible combinations for virtually every situation.


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Veronica (Houston, US)
Inner gifts

I like the little boxes… I can’t wait to use them
I got the inner gifts and another set