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Archangel Michael Anointing Oil - 1 oz dropper bottle
Archangel Michael Anointing Oil - 1 oz dropper bottle
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Archangel Michael Anointing Oil - 1 oz dropper bottle

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In Michael's honor, and dedicated and consecrated to his power and in his name, I present the Archangel Saint Michael Oil.

This singular blend starts as blessed Olive Oil, powerfully infused with herbs and roots sacred to the Archangel Saint Michael, including Angelica, Devil's Shoestring, Cinnamon, North African Frankincense, Bay Leaf and much more.

Use this oil to mark and consecrate yourself, your loved ones, your home, your car, and your personal objects for Michael's protection. Use it to anoint candles in Michael's name, to call his power into your space. Use it in your spiritual workings to terrify devils and evil spirits with Michael's holy fire and to assist in driving them fleeing from you.


The Archangel is the ultimate champion of Goodness - the very divine light of God manifested in the material realm. He is spoken of across the Abrahamic traditions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, who all regard him as a source of protection and salvation.

In the 400+ year old Ethiopian Gondar Homiliary (known as the Homiliary of the Archangel Michael), it is revealed that Michael is the angel of the Lord who brought about the biblical miracles commemorated in the Book of Exodus. We learn it was Michael who appeared to Moses in the burning bush, who parted the Red Sea, and who brought judgement upon the gods of the oppressors.

A millenium earlier, Michael appeared to the faithful of Europe, driving away demons and evil spirits and even famously driving a deadly plague away from Italy.

In the 6th century, Pope Gregory I conducted a procession with incense around Rome, holding aloft an icon of the Virgin Mother. Upon concluding the procession, Gregory received a vision of Michael sheathing his bloodied sword, and knew with certain faith that the plague was defeated and driven from Rome.

Archangel Michael - who is himself mi ca El - like unto God - who was revealed to Moses as the esh b'hasneh (the fire in the bush) and guided and guarded the children is Israel as the ammud ha'esh (pillar of fire) as we set out through the wilderness, from slavery to the land promised by the sacred covenant - is charged with driving away evil and darkness, with trampling the wicked underfoot, and with transporting the souls of the departed to the afterlife. In Islam, if is said his body is covered not with hair but with thousands of tiny tongues that plead constantly for mercy for the souls he shepherds.

He appears throughout many African Diasporic traditions both as a figure with whom others are syncretized (Agayu, Belie Belcan, and other celestial warriors), and in his own right as San Miguel.

In traditions such as Santa Muerte, his protection is relied upon to prevent unintended harm when invoking or working with Her great power, and in many ways the two form a complimentary pair, as both are charged with the transport of souls and to carry the scales and the blade. Michael distinguishes himself by additionally taking charge of praying for the salvation of the souls in his charge, and of forever trampling down Satan.

When Moses died, it's said Satan and Saint Michael each came to claim him. Michael - being all that is good - could not be tempted to anger by the adversary, and said simply, "The Lord rebuke you," by which the prince of delusions was cast back into Hell.

As such, he is the patron of protectors - soldiers, firefighters, police, etc - and all those who do not hesitate to face down evil and wickedness on behalf of the Holy light.

He is associated with the Sun: as the Sun surely rises each morning to chase off the night, so Michael is assured to chase away evil spirits, black magic, curses and enemies both human and spiritual. As the darkness of an entire room is dispelled by a single ray of sunlight, so a single candle lit for Michael can rid all the evil from a room. Evil and wickedness simply can not stand before him, wielding the Sword of Victory, the Scales of Justice and the Chains of Submission.

He is called upon to assist with binding down addictions, to cleanse and protect the home, to perform reversals to return spells cast against you to their senders, to burn away plague and disease, and so much more.

He is the patron of my head and my spiritual house, who is consulted and called upon in every working to vanquish evil.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
rose kent (Baltimore, US)
Potent and powerful

I'm new to working with Archangel Michael, but even within a short period of time I can tell that I'm never going back. This oil feels like having Michael on speed-dial, and it's truly remarkable what a difference having a Divine Protector around makes.

Cris (New York, US)
Must have

I don’t know how to thank you for this gift really. I use it for my children and my family. I can’t wait for your next batch so I can give them to my special people.
Thank you so much.

KimKim (Dallas, US)
Great just in time

When will I receive my next orde

A. Moshe (Marysville, US)
Great Oil!

It definitely is a wonderful oil! First off, yes it does work as intended. It's not overpowering in scent but it is a fine quality oil that feels clean and crisp. You can tell extra time and care went into it and that it was not rushed.

Glenn landrum (Huntington Beach, US)

This is just what I needed it to be. Thank you