Santo Niño de Atocha Medals
Santo Niño de Atocha Medals
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Santo Niño de Atocha Medals

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On my walking pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of the Blessed Santo Niño de Atocha in Chimayo, I carried a flask of water, a brick I picked up in the beginning of my trek thru the desert, a new pair of children's sandals to offer Santo Niño, and these Santo Niño medals. 
In my prayers over then in his Sanctuary, I asked that all who wear them or bear them be recognized by Santo Niño, and given his blessings and attention. 
After I gave my prayers and offerings, I collected a small handful of dirt from outside the door to his Sanctuary, as well as the Holy Dirt from the pocito in Chimayo.

The reverence for the Santo Niño began in Spain. The little Christ child, dressed in the manner of a Spanish pilgrim, is credited with thousands of miracles.
His lore began in the 15th century in Atocha, where he was found to disappear at night and return in the morning. Because the faithful were permitted to take him home for prayer, his disappearance didn't seem irregular.

Meanwhile, something odd was being reported. At the jail maintained by the Moorish conquerors, imprisoned men had to rely on food and water brought by their children to survive.  The childless men facing starvation were nonetheless being provided for: a young boy dressed as a pilgrim miraculously arrived with the other children to provide for their needs and console the men. No matter how much he distributed from his basket, if remained full to the brim.
Shortly thereafter, the faithful of Atocha noticed the sandals of their Santo Niño had become worn out as if they'd been walked in.  The faithful replaced the Santo Niño's  sandals.

The mysterious pilgrim child continued to visit the prisoners, and the sandals on the statue continued to become worn down, leading to the conclusion that the little boy and the statue were one and the same.
The miraculous Santo Niño is therefore revered for the incredible comfort, peace and consolation he bestows.  He is also particularly willing to assist the imprisoned in every way that he can.

From Spain, his reverence appeared in the Philippines and in Mexico about 100 years later when Dominican friars brought his statue to Zacatecas, where they preached to the silver miners in Plateros about him and his miracles.  As the faith of the people of Plateros in El Santo Niño grew, so did his record of miracles. 

In the early 1800s, a mine explosion outside Plateros trapped  a cohort of miners underground for over a week. Soon it was realized the Santo Niño from the church was missing. Meanwhile, a boy was said to have appeared to the miners, to bring them food and water, and to guide them to freedom. Once the miners were freed, the little child appeared back in the church, covered in dirt and mine debris.

As word of the miracle spread, the little Santo became popularized as a folk saint, and drafted as a patron of miners, the sick, prisoners, and those who are trapped or facing imminent danger.

Because of the aid he has given to the imprisoned, Santo Niño has also become popular in some parts of criminal culture.

It's said that Pablo Escobar was a "practicing Catholic and very devoted to the Santo Niño de Atocha". In his home city of Medellín,  where Escobar is on his way to folk sainthood, he shares a public altar with the  Santo Niño.

In October, 2019, Ovidio Guzmán López, the son of Sinaloa Cartel founder "El Chapo" Guzmán, was taken into custody in a shootout with the Mexican National Guard. 
His arrest picture shows him wearing a Santo Niño de Atocha scapular. Within hours, over 700 gunmen launched a rescue operation and freed Guzmán López from custody. He remains at large.

The public credited his devotion to the Santo Niño for his miraculous escape from imprisonment, causing a renewed interest in the veneration of the little holy one.

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You want one

I will definitely be buying another very very good feelings when in my hands buy before they run out!

Very grateful

Grateful for the work put into these medals. Really grateful for all the work in general. But this piece along with some others are going to go into something specifically calling to me. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

A modest piece of spiritual treasure

It’s with me everywhere I go. The feeling of amplified spiritual protection is more difficult to ignore than to recognize. It’s a beautiful reminder of my faith and feels great to keep close to me.

A. C
A Hands Down Must

If you feel like you are someone that could benefit from Santo Niño de Atocha then this is a must.

Santo Niño Medal

I felt the vibes when I took it about the package!! I’ve always loved the Santo Niño. I always pray to whenever any of my family members travel