Orange Pomander Water Spiritual Water (2 oz spray)

Orange Pomander Water Spiritual Water (2 oz spray)

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The delicious magic of Orange Pomander in a fragrant spray for your self and your space.

Orange Pomanders (aka clove studded oranges) originated in the Middle Ages and have become a Winter tradition throughout Europe and the Americas. These lovely aromatic creations began as charms against the evil spirits, thought to gather in the darkness of Winter.

The warmth of the clove and the orange - often accompanied by cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and other aromatics - brightens and warms even the coldest, darkest seasons.

Orange is magically associated with happiness and the power of the Sun. Clove is associated with nails, which have been charms against evil spirits since antiquity. Clove comes for clavo, meaning nail - this is particularly emphasized by how cloves are used to pierce the orange in making Pomanders.

The other aromatics traditionally added - nutmeg, allspice and cinnamon - are associated with prosperity and happiness, intended to bring fortune for the New Year that begins after the Winter Solstice.

In many homes, it's a tradition to steam the house with citrus and spice by boiling a pot on the stove with oranges and these sweet spices, originating from the same custom to change the spirits and energies in a home through the dark days of Winter.

This Orange Pomander Water was created with these traditions and associations in mind and a deep personal love for that warm, spicy citrus scent.

How to Use:
Use to shift the energy in your space + your self. Just spray 5-10 times in your room, on your altar, or on your face + body and breathe deep! The potentiated extract of these trusted botanical allies gets right to work - and in this pure form they can be applied as frequently as you like.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Noah Siembieda (Los Angeles, US)
Thank you!

Smells really nice & is comforting.

Jed Brown (Hamilton, US)
Orange pomander spray

I love this bright uplifting scent that has helped me cultivate space for my sweetening bath.

EM - NYC (Brooklyn, US)
Beautiful scent and Uplifting

The orange water spray has a beautiful scent and is uplifting. I've been using it in my house for better energy.

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