Money Mastery Bootcamp

Money Mastery Bootcamp

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If you're ready to change your financial fortunes forever, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!

If you still have things to figure out, or you're not ready for a change, or you don't believe you can master money, this is NOT for you.

But if you're ready to radically transform your financial outlook in 30 days, handle your debt, build your savings, earn passive income, set up multiple revenue streams, and heal generational trauma around work, wealth, security, value, and prosperity, SEIZE THIS OPPORTUNITY!

Ask yourself: am I ready to be free? Am I ready to stop reacting and start acting? Am I ready to live that lifestyle without ANY excuses? If you said yes, get ready to learn how.

The original Money Mastery Bootcamp ran for 30 days from 8/18 to 9/18/2020. In that time, dozens of students got a handle on their debt and credit, began their savings, set their goals, started at least one new stream of revenue, re-evaluated their spending and took control of their finances.

At the same time, they learned to and work their money altars, bind the spirit of money to their will, introduce themselves to the saints who grant fortune and success and MUCH more.

These are the recordings of those original 20+ sessions.

You WILL come out of this series permanently transformed.


Money Mastery Bootcamp takes you through three units, covering Money, Credit and Business, with MORE THAN 20 HOURS of content, including:

  • 17 Individual episodes stepping you through the Money Mastery journey (20-45 minutes each)
  • 3 long format webinars demonstrating spiritual work for Money Mastery 
  • 3 long format webinars diving into the mental work to undertake for Money Mastery

Unit I: Money (8h 27m)

  • Episode I: Orientation (37:09)
  • Episode II: What is Value? (29:37)
  • Live Session 1: Mental Work for Money (1:56:07)
  • Episode III: Subjective Value (20:20)
  • Episode IV: Money Metaphysics (27:20)
  • Live Session 2: Spiritual Work for Money (4:10:04)
  • Episode V: The Money Altar (26:22)

Unit II: Credit (6h 6m)

  • Episode VI: Budgeting (28:42)
  • Episode VII: Credit (33:54)
  • Live Session 3: Mental Work for Credit (2:02:41)
  • Episode VIII: Spending + Saving (27:56)
  • Episosde IX: Being Proactive (30:52)
  • Live Session 4: Spiritual Work for Credit (1:33:05)
  • Episode X: Big Dreams + Other People (22:56)

Unit III: Business (5h 46m)

  • Episode XI: What is Business? (33:48)
  • Episode XII: From Concept to Startup (33:47)
  • Live Session 5: Mental Work for Business (2:24:47)
  • Episode XIII: Sales + Marketing (41:51)
  • Episode XIV: Negotiation (36:34)
  • Live Session 6: Spiritual Work for Business (1:31:59)
  • Episode XV: Spiritual Work for Business Pt 2 (22:18)


(Note: The one-one-one appointments and additional materials mentioned in these recordings are not included with this special package. The original live Money Mastery Bootcamp included a 4th unit covering Wealth Management, which is referred to in some of these videos, however these files were lost in a hard-drive crash and unfortunately cannot be included.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ramyhan Josephs
Very helpful,

I haven’t had the opportunity to watch the whole series due to other commitments however the videos I have managed to watch, breaks things down beautifully. The instructions where easy to follow and the materials advised gave me inspiration. Thank you and keep up the good work. You really are an inspiration.

Money mastery boot camp

Very grateful for the opportunity to have taken this Money camp. Moses broke down and covered so much not only in the financial aspect but also spiritual too. I've learned so much, also applied things that now have tripled my income! Thank you so much Moses you are the Real MVP!!! Blessings!

Vickki A. Willis
Take the class

He is very professional and knowledgeable. That’s what drew me to him.

Maya Pressie
Great !!!

It’s a great course truthfully. Soooo much knowledge worth way more than the price. It’s so much layers and videos to go through lol I’m still catching up but so great. Thank you!